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The G.I. Joe franchise has a special place in our hearts thanks to its unique mix of sci-fi, fantasy and military action.

The Comics on the Brain crew has been a G.I. Joe fan since the days of the Sunbow cartoon show in the 1980s. These cartoons, which mixed modern military ideas with those of super science, science fiction and fantasy truly captivated us as we grew.

While the toy line has rarely been away from the shelves, we had lost sight of it through the 1990s. Eventually, it had a resurgence in the form of a new comic series, then an updated toyline, the miracle of eBay and places like YoJoe.com and finally the birth of a whole new outlet: the G.I. Joe movies.

That was all enough to spark (and continue to fuel) our interest in the franchise.

We’ve come to a consensus here that we love the crazy sci-fi nature of the series far more than any sort of realistic portrayal of an elite anti-terrorism squad. We’re in the minority, but that’s our G.I. Joe.

Enjoy these discussions of G.I. Joe in all of its forms!

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