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The Red Blazer


Jack Dawson was a rebellious teen living on the streets of London some 40 years ago. As with many homeless youngsters, he gravitated to the punk rock/metal scene and soon adopted the standard look and attitude of the culture. Through a series of meetings, Dawson managed to slowly elevate himself — first, he gained employment (so to speak) as barkeep, bouncer and general laborer at one of London’s premiere clubs. From there, he started to study guitar and quickly went from amateur to gifted entertainer.

His skill and his attitude led him to one opportunity after another until he fell in with a major band that toured the world. While a remarkable story on its own, Dawson’s story takes an amazing turn when he and the band were traveling through Wyoming USA. During a night over at a dude ranch/spa, Dawson went for a solo ride when, out in the middle of nowhere, he came upon the strangest thing he’d ever seen — a crashed alien spaceship!

While investigating (because who wouldn’t?), he went inside. It was at that moment that the advanced ship completed its self-repairs and launched back up into air. Rocketing out of the atmosphere, the ship left Earth then the solar system and Jack vanished for decades.

Five years ago, a man claiming to be Dawson returned to Earth. He seemed to know everything Jack knew and he also had developed super powers. Once a normal human, Jack Dawson, aka the Red Blazer, now had the power of an inferno!


Punk rock attitude from the Red Blazer

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Brad Bastion, host of UKBC’s “Bastion’s Moment With …”,  and the superhero known as the Red Blazer.
BRAD BASTION: It’s nice to meet you. I’m quite a fan. I think everyone in my audience is a fan.
BASTION: ‘Red Blazer’? The first thing I wonder is “Red Blazer? Huhn? Not a very superheroey name.”
RED: Wha’ do ya mean?
BASTION: Well, a superhero isn’t usually named after a jacket. Usually, they have names with a lot more pizzaz. You know —
RED: Pizzaz?
BASTION: Something with more ‘Oomphf!’ … Like Captain America. That’s a good one. It’s something the kids can get excited about,
RED: I’m a Brit. Captain America would be a terrible name. An’ the Americans wouldn’t like it if I was called Redcoat.
BASTION: Captain Marvel then. Or Captain Britain. Good stuff.

RED: Okay then. Call me Cap’n Red Blazer.

The original 1941 Red Blazer costume design had a very odd, yet original, aesthetic.
BASTION: (Pauses) How about we just change the subject. We can stick with Red Blazer. Which reminds me, we have heard that you’ve obtained your superpowers from your red coat.
RED: Nah. That ain’t right. I jus’ tell people that sometimes to keep everybody confused.
BASTION: Then how did you get your powers? You are a human, right?
RED: Alien.
BASTION: Wait — You’re an alien?
RED: Nah, man. The aliens took me up inta outer space. Then they strapped me to a lab table and they corked me with ’em. Corked me right up the butt.
BASTION: They gave you super powers through your hind quarters?
RED: It’s the way ta do it if yer tryin’ to get it done. What do you think –? That they can just shoot me with some cosmic rays?
BASTION: Isn’t that how Crewman got his powers?
RED: Through the butt?
BASTION: No with a ray machine. So are you just messing with me? I just want to tell the public more about you. We know you’re from England —
RED: Yep. An embarassment to King & Country.
BASTION: Don’t be so humble. Your were part of the team that recovered the Galivion Sword. You single-handedly beat the Ivory Gargoyle. You’re a hero to the kingdom. Can you tell us about those events?
RED: With the Sword of Galivion Incident, I was basically a doormat for Trithor. He thrashed me — I didn’t think I was gonna survive that beatdown. I was close to dyin’.
BASTION: But you also saved Griffon. She pointed out that your efforts were what turned the tide. She said she would be dead — or worse — without your skills, power and tenacity. 
RED: Well … I set things on fire. That’s my thing, an’ that’s what I did. I find that if you set enough things on fire, it messes with people’s plans.
BASTION: We’ve all seen the footage of the battle. Gruesome stuff.
RED: Yeah, while Trithor dealt with his shit on fire, I grabbed the sword and pushed it through his chest. Unlike how most people would die, he just got annoyed and threw me through a post office. That hurt.

Pocket Comics No. 1: The Origin of Red Blazer

According to the Public Domain Superheroes Wiki, the original Red Blazer, who sometimes went as Captain Red Blazer, first appeared in Archie Comics’ Pocket Comics No. 1 in 1941. The tale is a simple one — of a man riding horses who spots another man burying a dead alien, only to be kidnapped into space, exposed to radiation and developing superpowers. It’s a story you’ve surely heard a thousand times by now!
That version of Red Blazer had a decent set of powers: He can fly and generate and control heat and flames. Honestly, not a bad set of powers, even if his costume was a little questionable.

And yes, he really was named Jack Dawson! Did Rose let go of this Jack, too?


The Red Blazer originally debuted in 1941
The Red Blazer now has a punk rock theme, mixed in with a touch of firefighter. The original, now in the Public Domain, debuted in 1941,

The New Red Blazer

Taking a cue from the original Red Blazer costume, and definitely not the second Captain Red Blazer costume, Comics on the Brain transformed the character into a British Punk Rocker turned superhero. Kind of a mix between Billy Idol and the Human Torch.
As the Red Blazer, Jack Dawson can:
  • Fly
  • Generate intense heat (Enough to melt bullets into goo)
  • Cause items to burst into flames
  • Control flames
  • Control heat
  • Heal himself when exposed to flames

So what do you think? Has the Red Blazer got a chance to make a difference in the world that (as any good punk would) he hates?

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