Reign of the Jungle Guardians: Tricube Tales one-page roleplaying game

Robot Tarzan Reign of the Jungle Guardians

Comics on the Brain fell in love with pulp magazines before we even knew what pulp magazines were. In truth, even before Tales of the Gold Monkey or Indiana Jones, there was Tarzan. And we’re not talking about the Tarzan you’re thinking of — not the original text stories, not the movies with the chimpanzee and not the comics. No, it started with the Tarzan Lord of the Jungle cartoon by Filmation.

In that cartoon, the character everyone had known about for the last 60 years went on incredible adventures. Not necessarily adventures where he wrestles with lions or finds a safari party that’s been lost in the jungle. No this was a Tarzan who found viking tribes, battled robot clones and watched the skies for UFOs. It was a crazy mix of genres that made every one of the 36 episodes different and entertaining.

That and the Jana of the Jungle series fueled a lifelong love of the loincloth set. From Rulah, to Sheena, to Jan and every Jungle Guardian inbetween, we’d happily dive in and follow along with their adventures.

Reign of the Jungle Guardians Tricube Tales game
In Reign of the Jungle Guardians, you’re a sworn protector of the jungle, and you wouldn’t believe what’s gonna happen!

Reign of the Jungle Guardians

Loving role-playing games is also part of our DNA. From Dungeons & Dragons to Star Wars to Spirit of the Century, exploring the mysteries of these worlds is always fascinating.

That’s why we’re proud to present our new line of one-page role-playing games, created under the Tricube Tales ruleset. This simple game lets you and your friends run one-shot TTRPGs in the jungle protector genre.

Called Reign of the Jungle Guardians, this inexpensive role-playing game feature character creation and task resolution rules on Page One, and a set of interactive adventure idea generators on the other.

Which Jungle Guardian are you?

In the game, you have multiple character creation options. Are you strong, agile or smart? Are you a jungle guardian, spirit shaman or soldier of fortune? What’s your perk? An animal companion? A special weapon. The options are many, which makes playing it one-on-one (GM & player) or as a larger group.

From there, you role 6-sided dice to determine your success or failure on each task as the jungle calls out for your assistance!

Jump on your elephant, folks, this will be fun!

Jana of the Jungle Reign of the Jungle Guardians
You won’t go wrong if you spend time watching the Tarzan Lord of the Jungle or Jana of the Jungle cartoons.


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