Jungle Tales of Johnny Cash — The Complete Comic Script

Jungle Johnny Cash -- in Color
Free download of the full comic script for Jungle Tales of Johnny Cash

At long last, it’s done! Here is the finished comic script for “Jungle Tales of Johnny Cash.”

Jungle Johnny Cash makes the best out a bad situation

You can download it for free here, it’s also a sample of one way to format a comic script.


Are you really gonna make a Johnny Cash comic?

Well … no, not really. First off, there would certainly be grief from the Johnny Cash estate. They would understandably want an exorbitant fee to use his likeness. Additionally, they might be insulted of the idea of a Johnny Cash who is also an action hero and a vine-swinging jungle lord.

Yes, it’s true that we could create this and pass it off as a parody of Johnny, but that’s stretching it. We could slightly rename the idea … we could just call him Jungle Johnny. And we could also change his name to Johnny Dollar (oops, already taken!), Johnny Money or Johnny Bucks. But then we run into another problem … time and money! Maybe someday, for now you can just enjoy the script and imagine the possibilities. Definitely something we’ll be doing!

All that being said, we completed this comic script for a reason: We wanted to test out the format and see what we liked about scripting a full-length comic in this particular format. Yes, we’ve written one or two comic scripts before, but nothing we want to publish publicly just yet. However, this concept — Jungle Tales of Johnny Cash — was perfect to create a for the viewing public. And, to be perfectly clear, we weren’t trying to create a modern, decompressed comic that would span over a 140-page trade paperback. We wanted something in the done-in-one style while also harkening back to 1950s jungle comics. So now

What’s the right way to format comic scripts?

What are some other ways to format comics scripts? Here are a few examples. And by the way, no matter what, don’t let anyone tell you there’s only one way to create your comic script. You’ll see there are plenty of options that are a little different from one another. As long as your comic script is readable and understandable to your artist, it’s the proper format. Anyway, here are few interesting examples:

Previous Jungle Tales of Johnny Cash comic scripts

If you want to get more “behind the scenes” discussion of how Jungle Tales of Johnny Cash came about, check out our previous entries. You’ll also see older versions of the script, which do indeed contain differences from the final version above.


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