Super Ann and the Super-Kid Crusaders

First appearing in Amazing Man Comics in 1941, the heroine known as Super Ann is described  as a somewhat dainty superhuman who is cleverly assisted — in secret — by Mighty Man. Like many of the new designs Comics on the Brain has created in the last few months, this Centaur Comics character gets a makeover in both her look and her origin story.

In fact, Super Ann even gets a new power as well — she can gift others with her power! Here’s what we did with her… enjoy!

A look at the original Super Ann. Note that miniature Mighty Man hiding from her sight!

The New Origin of Super Ann

Ann Star is known to the public at large as Super Ann, and she’s been carried that identity for a long time. Though she’s an adult now, the story of her amazing transformation began when she was just 10 years old.

The young girl was lost in a terrible blizzard and she followed her instincts to find safety. At the base of a mountain, she spotted a cave opening and entered it to keep warm. Venturing deeper and deeper into the dark, underground recesses, she soon became horribly lost.

As days went by, Ann was starving, desperate and suffering from exposure. All seemed lost. In fact, her family had already given up on her, and she was on the brink of death. As she seemed to be breathing her last breaths, she suddenly heard the rock cracking around her.

Within moments, a large cavern opened up around her. A dim light broke through the darkness and standing before her was an alien creature. It called itself the Hermit, and said it was there to help.

To protect her and give her the ability to free herself, the Hermit gifted her with powers of strength and invulnerability. She returned home a changed person — one with super powers!

Super Ann
Super Ann gets a new look and a new origin for 2020!

Super Ann’s Mission

Super Strength! Invulnerability!

Those super powers remained with her as she grew into adulthood. She also took time to learn how to to better use them and improve her fighting skills.

More importantly, she realized she had another superpower: As the Hermit had done, she found that she could also give other individuals super strength and invulnerability. This power of generosity was completely under her control. It was up to her as to how powerful those gifts would be and for how long those gifts would remain with them. With this power, she can quickly recruit a small army of super-powered helpers, and after some bad experiences, she found she could only rely on a small group of people — children. She realized that kids are less apt to abuse those temporary powers. They are more pure and willing to do what’s right. In fact, she calls them her Super-Kid Crusaders.

Using these her abilities as Super Ann, she works mostly to assist and protect children around the world. At the same time, she’s also on a quest for the next person to permanently inherit the Hermit’s powers.

And that is what makes Super Ann tick for the 21st Century.


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