Jungle Tales of Johnny Cash – Part 2

Hello I'm Johnny Cash
Hello I'm Johnny Cash, and I recently survived a plane crash in Africa. And, boy, do I have a story to tell ...

We’re back with the continuation of “Jungle Tales of Johnny Cash” …. When we last left Johnny Cash, he survived a plane crash in the deadly African Jungle. Blinded in the disaster, he successfully navigated the jungle only to be startled awake one night.

Jungle Tales of Johnny Cash
When country star Johnny Cash crashes in the African Jungle, he has only one choice: SURVIVE!

Find out what happened earlier here.

Jungle Tales of Johnny Cash – Page Five

Page 5, Scene 1:
Johnny Cash swings down to the ground from his vine. There is no background in this scene, representing his blindness.

Johnny: Miss? Where are you?

Johnny: I can’t see, but as sure as the sun rises in Arkansas, I’m here to help you!

Page 5, Scene 2:
A close up of Johnny’s face. He’s concentrating intensely. Again we see his damaged eyes and no background.

Johnny: I know it’s dark out, but I’m not the one after you.

Page 5, Scene 3:
We see Johnny from behind. His arms and legs are spread out. He’s ready to pounce into action.

Memfis (whispering, unseen from behind him): The Emerald Ape. It is hunting me!

Johnny (whispering): Just tell me where!

Page 5, Scene 4:
In the darkness, Johnny Cash is shown very small. He’s still crouched and ready to attack. The inky blackness of his blindness still fills the frame.

Johnny: I may have been struck blind, but I won’t let a woman get hurt.

Memfis (unseen, but speaking from a random point in the panel): You are blind? Yet you bravely stand at my defense?

Memfis (unseen, from the same point): I will help you.

Memfis (unseen, from same point): (Speaks in magical glyphs)

Jungle Tales of Johnny Cash – Page Six

Page 6, Scene 1:
A close-up on Johnny’s glassy eyes only in a page wide shot. We can’t see his face, only blackness and his eyes. He is no longer cool and collected. He’s wide-eyed and surprised.

Johnny: What are you doing –??

Memfis (Unseen): (Speaks in magical glyphs with a big exclamation point at the end.)

Page 6, Scene 2:
His eyes are in the same position as image as Page 6, Scene 1, but now the glassiness in his eyes gone and we see his skin. Even the redness around his eyes is gone.

Johnny: I can see again!

Johnny: Whoa!!!!

Page 6, Scene 3:
We see Johnny again from behind. The nighttime jungle is all around him. To his side, crouches Memfis, a beautiful African woman in a traditional ceremonial garb, including a headdress and gold armbands.
Most importantly though, just a few feet in front of Johnny stands the Emerald Ape! This monstrous Ape is made of a glassy green substance, and is somewhat translucent. The creature has its massive arms raised up ready to pummel Johnny!


The Emerald Ape
A mystic creature that roams the jungle at night, the savage Emerald Ape hunts down any human it finds.

Jungle Tales of Johnny Cash – Page Seven

Page 7, Scene 1:
The Emerald Ape crashes its fists down, but Johnny Cash leaps to the side, pulling the beautiful Memfis with him.

The Emerald Ape: ROAR!!

Johnny: Look out, lady!

Page 7, Scene 2:
The Emerald Ape thrashes at them again. Memfis goes one way and Johnny the other way. It clearly has its attention focused on Memfis.

The Emerald Ape: GRRRAH!

Johnny: He’s got it out for us!

Page 7, Scene 3:
The Emerald Ape continues to follow Memphis who is scrambling away. Behind them, Johnny grabs a vine hanging from above.

The Emerald Ape: RAAAA!

Johnny: I think I have an idea! Hold on, sister!

Page 7, Scene 4:
Johnny climbs up the tree, using the vine to help him scale it.

Johnny: Just got to get back to my treetop hideout!

Page 7, Scene 5:
The Emerald Ape continues its effort to reach Memfis, who’s careful to keep a tree between herself and the Emerald Ape.

Memfis: Please come back, sir!

The Emerald Ape: MUH! MUH!

Page 7, Scene 6:
Johnny is up in the tree. With one hand, he holds the vine. With the other, he reaches out, hand open, to an object below the edge of the panel.

Johnny: Just a moment, ma’am.

Jungle Tales of Johnny Cash – Page Eight

Page 8, Scene 1:
The Emerald Ape finally snatches Memfis, catching her robe.

The Emerald Ape: PUUUUH!

Memfis: It has me!

Page 8, Scene 2:
The Emerald Ape pulls Memphis close to its fanged mouth. As it does, Johnny Cash swings toward the pair. In Johnny’s hand is the same weapon he used against the snake earlier — a hefty rock with a jagged point.

Memfis: EEeee!

The Emerald Ape: ROAR!

Page 8, Scene 3:
Johnny pounds the rock onto the Emerald Ape’s shoulder. The strike shatters the Emerald Ape’s entire arm off.

Johnny: Even a country boy knows how to rock!

SFX: Crack!

The Emerald Ape: OOooo!

Jungle Tales of Johnny Cash – Page Nine

Page 9, Scene 1:
Memfis falls to the jungle floor, as the Emerald Ape panics.

Memfis: Ooh!

Page 9, Scene 2:
The Emerald Ape reaches for its now missing arm. It is confused.

The Emerald Ape: Ooo! Oooo!

Page 9, Scene 3:
Johnny Cash raises his rock above his head in a threatening stance.

Johnny: Now get outta here!

Johnny: … Before I take out your whole head!

Page 9, Scene 4:
The Emerald Ape flees into the dark forest. As it does, Johnny watches it, making sure it doesn’t come back.

Johnny: That’s right, run away and don’t come back.

The Emerald Ape: Ooooooooo!

Page 9, Scene 5:
Johnny turns to Memfis, who sits on a fallen tree, shaken from her experience.

Johnny: Thank you, ma’am, for fixing my eyes. I was blinded in a plane crash.

Johnny: My friends … they’re all dead.

Page 9, Scene 6:
Johnny reaches out a hand to shake hers. She looks up at his gesture, quizzically.

Johnny: By the way, I’m Johnny Cash.

Johnny: (Reacting to her puzzled face) Nice to meet you?

Page 9, Scene 7:
She takes Johnny’s hand.

Memfis: I am called Memfis. I am a Sun Priestess.

Memfis: The Emerald Ape caught me while I was at my weakest — the night time. I thank you for your help.

Jungle Tales of Johnny Cash – Page Ten

Page 10, Scene 1:
Johnny helps Memfis to her feet.

Johnny: Your weakest? On my best day, I couldn’t cure a runny nose and you brought my vision back!

Memfis: Healing is one thing, the power the sun gives me is another!

Page 10, Scene 2:
Johnny and Memfis continue to talk. As they do, Johnny bends down and looks at the shards of the Emerald Ape’s arm.

Johnny: Just what was that thing? I never seen such a critter. It looked like it was made outta the green glass they put beer in!

Memfis: The Emerald Ape is an angry spirit of the darkest jungle. It seeks to destroy me.

Memfis: And its arm will regrow — fueled by moonlight. It was only surprised. It will be back.

Page 10, Scene 3:
Memfis leans down and begins picking up the shards and putting them in her bag.

Memfis: Even worse, these shards could grow into even more of those beasts. We must collect them before they’re energized!

Page 10, Scene 4:
Johnny joins her, scoping up some of the shards into her bag.

Johnny: Regrow? Energized? This is crazy!

Memfis: The world is a strange place, Johnny Cash.

Jungle Tales of Johnny Cash – Page Eleven

Page 11, Scene 1:
The next day, Johnny and Memfis stand by a stream.

Narrator: The following morning …

Memfis: I thank you again, Johnny Cash. My full power is returning with the sun. As a token of my appreciation, I can grant you three wishes.

Johnny: Aw, come on!

Memfis: I tell you the truth, Johnny Cash.

Page 11, Scene 2:
A close up of Johnny as he thinks.

Johnny: OK. How about … I wish to go home.
Johnny: … I wish to have a big mansion outside of Nashville.
Johnny: … And I wish my band wasn’t killed in the crash.

Page 11, Scene 3:
Memfis waves her hand. She has a disappointed look.

Memfis: I’m sorry, but my power only extends to the edges of the jungle. So I have no ability to send you home, nor can I change the past.

Page 11, Scene 4:
Johnny continues to think, this time both he and Memfis are in the frame.

Johnny: How about …
Johnny: I wish to go back to where the plane crashed.
Johnny: I wish that I had a radio to call help.
Johnny: And I wish I had a fort to stay in while I waited here.

Page 11, Scene 5:
Memfis smiles with appreciation of his good choices.

Memfis: All fine wishes. Wishes without greed offer good outcomes.

Page 11, Scene 6:
Memfis raises her arms and speaks her magic words. Rays of light seem to streak behind her.

Memfis: (Speaks in a long string of glyphs)

What’s next?

Magical gorillas? Wish-granting priestesses? What did poor old Johnny Cash get himself into? There’s more to the story!


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