The Star Wars that weren’t: Imagining a Legacy

The Star Wars that weren't
The Star Wars that weren't

With the success of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” and the fact that “Solo: A Star Wars Story” was a darn fine movie as well, we couldn’t help but imagine a better “Star Wars” movie and TV show universe. This would be one where the Star Wars goldmine was better handled and, most importantly, a steady presence in movie and TV land.

With that in mind, the Comics on the Brain Team sat down and brainstormed an imaginary slatel of Star Wars movies. This was the kind of legacy that we wanted. One that actually supported multiple generations of fans and gave the world a steady supply of toys, merchandise and solidly entertaining storytelling.

Just imagine a story that continued year in and year out, producing high-quality stories. We’re talking about Timothy Zahn’s novels. We’re talking the Dark Horse Comics. We’re talking the D6 role-playing game from West End Games. We’re talking about the great Star Wars novels and anthologies. We’re talking about a Star Wars that filled-in every nook and crannie.

The Star Wars that Weren't: Bounty Hunters
The Star Wars that Weren’t: Bounty Hunters

We only bothered with titles. That’s all you really need. Just enough that could have built an even bigger empire! Here’s the kind of slate we were dreaming of:

  • 1977: A New Hope (Episode 4)
  • 1979: The Empire Strikes Back (Episode 5)
  • 1983: Return of the Jedi (Episode 6)
  • 1984: Curse of the Ewoks (standalone)
  • 1985: Death to the Smuggler’s Princess (Han & Leia 1)
  • 1986-1988: Star Wars (Animated TV series)
  • 1987: Secrets of the Droids (R2-D2 & C-3P0)
  • 1988: Bounty of Alderran (Han & Leia 2)
  • 1990: Race to Kessel (Han & Leia 3)
  • 1991: Tales of the Bounty Hunters (Anthology movie of 5 BH – Bossk, 4-LOM & Zuckuss, Greedo & Boussh, Dengar, Boba Fett)
  • 1993: Boba Fett 1: Hunter of Mandalore
  • 1994: Casino Trigger (Lando 1)
  • 1995: Boba Fett 2: Jedi Hunter
  • 1995-1999: Boba Fett: The Animated Series
  • 1996: Wookie Roulette (Lando 2)
  • 1996: Tales of the Empire (Anthology movie of 5 Imperial Officers/Unit)
  • 1997: Boba Fett 3: Apocalypse
  • 1998: The Phantom Menace (Same title but a Palpatine origin story)
  • 1998: Thunder on Bespin (Lando 3)
  • 1999: Rise of the Sith (Episode 1)
  • 2000: The Clone Wars (Pre-Episode 1)
  • 2001: A Villain Forged (Episode 2)
  • 2003: Wrath of Darth Vader (Episode 3)
  • 2004: Heir to the Empire (Zahn Trilogy 1)
  • 2006: Dark Force Rising (Zahn Trilogy 2)
  • 2008: The Last Command (Zahn Trilogy 3)
  • 2009-2018: Star Wars TV Show (Featuring Padme, Kenobi and Anakin)
  • 2010: Warpath (Clones return)
  • 2011: Boba Fett 4: Boba Fett Strikes Back
  • 2015: The Force Awakens (Episode 7)
  • 2016: Rogue One (as is)
  • 2017: The Last Jedi (Episode 8
  • 2018: Solo
  • 2019: Rise of Skywalker (Episode 9, Edited in April 2019 to include this title!)


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