The Heathcliff Weirdness Level: A Daily Index of Heathcliff Comics

How to score Heathcliff comics for weirdness.
To determine the Daily Weirdness Level of a Heathcliff comic, please note the elements in the comic, consult the chart below and make a sum of points. Although the sum can achieve higher than 100 or below zero, the scale only goes from 0 to 100.

NEGATIVE ELEMENTS (Detractions from the Heathcliff Weirdness level)

Heathcliff Lincoln ComicA number of elements in a Heathcliff comic can lower the Heathcliff Weirdness Level, and these elements subtract from the Daily Weirdness Level. Note that all elements are cumulative.
  • Scene occurs inside a home. (-10)
  • Scene occurs in a lawn. (-5)
  • Scene occurs in an alley. (-2)
  • Scene occurs at a park. (-2)
  • Scene mentions or refers to a holiday. (-1)
  • Mice present. (-3)
  • Birds present. (-2)
  • Fish present. (-1)
  • Raccoons present. (-1)
  • Dogs present. (-2)
  • Cats present (besides Heathcliff). (-3)
  • Heathcliff is the only animal. (-1)
  • Heathcliff doing a cat-like activity. (-5)
  • Heathcliff’s adult male owner is present. (-3)
  • Heathcliff’s adult female owner is present. (-2)
  • Heathcliff’s boy owner is present. (-1)
  • Human talking about Heathcliff. (-3)
  • Dog catcher present. (-1)
  • i130617heathcliffHeathcliff scaring/threatening another animal. (-1)

POSITIVE ELEMENTS (Additions to the Heathcliff Weirdness level)

These elements raise the Daily Heathcliff Weirdness Level of a Heathcliff comic. Note that all elements are cumulative.
  • Heathcliff not visibly present. (+5)
  • Scene occurs outside the normal suburbs/city (+5)
  • Heathcliff in a business. (+15)
  • Heathcliff outside a business. (+5)
  • Business in the scene that couldn’t possibly be a business. (+20)
  • Two animals talking about Heathcliff. (+10)
  • Animals present that are not mice, birds, fish, cats or dogs. (+10)
  • Specific dog breed mentioned. (+5)
  • Total number of animals present (not including Heathcliff, but including any other animal). (+1 per animal)
  • One of Heathcliff’s relatives present. (+3 per relative)
  • Animals serving/doting on Heathcliff. (+10)
  • Total number of times the word Garbage is used. (+2 per mention)
  • Total number of times Heathcliff’s name is used. (+1 per mention)
  • Garbage Ape’s name used, but Garbage Ape is not present. (+15)
  • Garbage Ape’s name used. (+1 per mention)heathcliff9c6225
  • Garbage Ape present, but Garbage Ape not named. (+20)
  • Garbage Ape present. (+10)
  • Heathcliff shows he knows a human language. (+15)
  • Heathcliff not acting like a cat. (+5)
  • Heathcliff engaging in a human vice. (+5)
  • Heathcliff standing in a non-cat pose. (+5)
  • Heathcliff wears a helmet. (+10)
  • Heathcliff doing the “off the top rope” leap. (+5)
  • Heathcliff wears sunglasses. (+5)
  • Heathcliff wears clothes of some kind. (+5)
  • Heathcliff performs a musical number. (+10)
  • Heathcliff performs, but it is not a musical number. (+15)
  • Heathcliff fighting. (+5) He
  • athcliff playing a sport. (+5)
  • Heathcliff running a business. (+10)
  • Heathcliff running a business that clearly injures, harms or enslaves another animal. (+15)
  • Human feeling threatened/scared by Heathcliff. (+10)
  • Human not surprised by Heathcliff’s behavior. (+5)
  • Human unassociated with Heathcliff (i.e. not any of his owners) talking about Heathcliff. (+5)
  • Human responding to Heathcliff. (+5)
  • Trademarked character appears. (+5 per character)
  • Trademarked character talks. (+10)
  • Heathcliff flies, floats or otherwise defies gravity. (+10)
  • Total number of bubbles. (+3 per bubble)
  • Heathcliff uses an item or technology that a cat shouldn’t know how to use. (+10)
  • Heathcliff uses an item or technology that is unknown to humans. (+15)
  • Heathcliff uses magic or a magic item. (+20)
  • Another animal uses an item, technology or magic that animals shouldn’t know how to use. (+15)
  • Another animal wears clothes, hats or jewelry. (+2 per animal)
  • Total number of strange object on characters’ heads. (+5 per object)
Please note this is a work in progress. More element scores to come.


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