G.I. Joe Collector’s Club: Kindle Worlds Author Interview

collector'sclub80060Shortly after “G.I. Joe: Scourge of the Amazon” came out, I was contacted by writer Troy Osgood to talk about G.I. Joe and my story that pulls together an off-beat group of Joes as they tackle the threat of Cobra de Aco and Cobra’s Scalpel.

The article finally arrived in the October 2016 “G.I. Joe Collector’s Club” Magazine. This magazine comes with a membership in the G.I. Joe Fan Club, and is more an added benefit to collectors than anything else. For one thing, it’s one of Hasbro’s highest profile publications about the G.I. Joe brand.

You can see the full article in the scan below. In it, I lay out my thoughts on how G.I. Joe works, what there is to love about it and how exciting it was to write for my favorite franchise.


Aside from the interview with me, the 16-page issue features some cool blueprints, character profiles and a complete feature article on the Joe’s missing member, Shooter. If you’ve never heard of her, Jodie “Shooter” Craig was the team’s first loss and their first sniper. Another great feature is a look at the 12-inch line’s signature vehicle – the ATV. Man, I always thought that thing was incredibly cool.

You can grab this issue, and many other awesome G.I. Joe products at the Collector’s Club website!


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