What is the Perfect D&D Dice Set?

7-pc-gemini-blue-orange__60886.1476375645.386.513For just about every tabletop role-playing game, dice are used to determine the resolution of tasks. Some games use just one or two dice. Other games use a bunch of dice.

Dice makers usually sell a simple set of matched dice that include one the following dice: the d4 (a pyramid), the d6 (standard cube), the d8 (diamond-shaped), the d10 (kind of diamond-shaped), the d12 (built with a bunch of stop signs) and the d20 (the one with the most sides).

But this one-of-each thing is not the ideal grouping. Even the more modern set that includes two d10s (a 1 to 10 die and a count-by-10s dice) isn’t too helpful, especially for Dungeons & Dragons players.

Instead, dice manufacturers should consider a larger set:dice_blue_$_35

  • Two D4s (counts by 1s)
  • Two D4s (Non-diamond shape, counts 2 through 5)
  • Four D6s
  • Two D8s
  • One D10
  • Another D10 (counts by 10s)
  • One D12
  • Two D20s

That’s a total of 15 matching dice for each set. But why these dice? Why so many?

  • Two D4s (counts by 1s): Two to account for some weapon damages and a few spell damages.
  • Two D4s (Non-diamond shape, counts 2 through 5): For easy Magic Missile attacks
  • Four D6s: To help with rolling character stats
  • Two D8s: For those awesome two-handed fighter weapons. Also helpful during healing sessions!
  • One D10: Weapons and part of percentile dice.
  • Another D10 (counts by 10s): The important half of the percentile dice pair.
  • One D12: No one uses the D12, but we’ll put it in here just in case. Well there is one thing to do with D12s.
  • Two D20s: Two for those lucky opportunities where your character gets to make two attacks in one round.

With this kind of dice arsenal, the Dungeon Master, the players and everyone in-between will be completely prepared for battling trolls, rousting ghouls, stealing treasure and saving villages from certain doom.



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