Another Leprechaun, another coloring page

I’ve had the luck of being asked to create a coloring page for a St. Patrick’s Day Parade for years now, and this year was no different!

Once again, I started my task in late December and worked to try to make this piece appealing to kids and adults. With the coloring book craze still going full-steam, I had a lot to think about. How can I break up this image? What should I leave for the colorist to complete? How can I make it stand out from last year’s coloring page? What sort of Irish and St. Patrick’s Day themes should I work with?


By the time you read this, it will be too late submit for this particular contest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still color it for the fun of doing it, so enjoy.

You can download this St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Page too. Want to use it for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration or contest? Email me and we’ll work together on it!

Check out last year’s Leprechaun Coloring Page.


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