The Downward Spirals are back: Get the ’36 Minute Major’

Everyone’s (or maybe no one’s) favorite band of hockey-playing opossums are back in action with a brand new collection now available on Amazon.DownwardSpirals-words

In “The Downward Spirals: 36 Minute Major,” you can see all 36 of the original Downward Spirals comics in one place without having to poke around this site.

The collection even includes all three “Poodles vs. Penguins” comics plus a new, previously unpublished Downward Spirals strip.

The team first debuted a few years ago as a webcomic that spoofed hockey, sports and the team dynamic. Later, an initial collection was assembled but only now is the complete run available.

As you know, the Downward Spirals are a team of opossums, but you may not know their competition in the Meadow Hockey League. They are:

  • The Marsh Invaders (Skunks)
  • The Apple Corps (Raccoons)
  • The Coniferous Coldbloods (Turtles)
  • The Dam Quixotes (Beavers)
  • The Bone Yards (Dogs)
  • The Bluff Nuts (Squirrels)
  • The Garden Jests (Rabbits)
  • The Loch Foxes (Foxes)
  • The Bridge Billies (Goats)

Why You Should Buy 36 Minute Major

We admit that you can read every one of the strips (except the new one) on this site, but we’d really appreciate your financial support. Plus, if you’re already ordering on Amazon, and need to tip it past that Free Shipping Threshold, why not support a starving artist? Ok, we’re not starving. In fact, we probably need to starve a bit more, but how about you just go ahead and support us just to be nice?

What the Heck is a ’36 Minute Major’?

That would be a really, really severe penalty. Like, you probably would have had to kill someone on ice. Or at least slash their throat.

Hey, that DID actually happen to a Buffalo goalie years ago.

But even that guy didn’t get 36 minutes in the penalty box. So maybe you’d have to kill someone, then kick a referee in the nuts and then denounce the league commissioner as a Nazi. That might do it.

Wait, You Didn’t Answer My Question, Why is This Book Titled ’36 Minute Major’?

Oh, sorry about that, we can go off on tangents pretty easily here. In fact there was this one day …

HEY — Stop It! Answer the Question, You Bum!

Man, how did we lose control of this blog post like this?

You Never Had Control! Now About the Title …?

Fine! We called it “The Downward Spirals: 36 Minute Major: Collection 2” because:

  • The team is called the Downward Spirals.
  • The book contains all 36 of the original Downward Spirals comic strips. (You see what we did there?)
  • We admit that reading it may be like sitting in the penalty box — you’ll get antsy to do something else in about a minute-and-a-half.
  • And “Collection 2” because we had previously published a nearly complete collection a few years back.

So there you go — the story behind the store of the world’s greatest comic book about hockey-playing opossums!



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