Are all those post-apocalyptic films happening on the same world?

Post-apocalyptic Chicago
The ruins of Chicago can be seen in the post-apocalyptic scenes from the "Divergent" film series.

Comics on the Brain tried watching the second “Divergent” movie.

We say “tried” because we simply stopped watching as the climax approached. It was a terrible bore. Remembering the details of part 1 seemed to be required, and we certainly didn’t. That made it easy to literally shut off the DVD player, eject the disc and return “Insurgent” back to Redbox.

Still, the concept of the Post-Apocalyptic Future really intrigues the CotB team.

In fact, as we watched “Insurgent” our minds began to wander to other, better films depicting life after the apocalypse.

And that’s when an idea hit us. What if all the post-apocalyptic stories we ever read or watched all happened on the same universe. And what if they all happened on the same world, and all these strange stories were happening all over the world.

It’s a mind-boggling concept and if you think about it, it could really work.

post-apocalyptic mad max
Auntie Entity helped to pull together a small society in the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max.

Here’s how:

  • CAUSE OF THE APOCALYPSE: For the most part, these movies (and several books) are never very particular on what caused the apocalypse. They just say it happened, and now humanity is slowly pulling itself back together. Still those that do depict the apocalypse could all happen simultaneously, since the apocalypse can take so many forms.
  • SOCIETY’S DESTRUCTION: With a world-wide apocalypse, it’s not surprising that global society would fragment. As those fragments rebuild, then its understandable that they may come back together a little differently in each location.
  • AFTER YEAR ZERO: Since nearly all of these Post-Apocalyptic movies take place at a different time period after the apocalypse, they could all exist on the same timeline.
  • ISOLATION: Those that appear to occur at approximately the same time from “Year Zero” usually occur in different areas, so that’s cool too.

So that’s why a shared universe is incredibly interesting. Just imagine if all these movies, books, TV shows and video games all occurred on the same world:


Property Location Timeline Position
V for Vendetta London Pre-Apocalypse
A Clockwork Orange London Pre-Apocalypse
RoboCop Detroit Pre-Apocalypse
Soylent Green/Make Room! Make Room! New York Pre-Apocalypse
Blade Runner San Francisco Pre-Apocalypse
Johnny Mnemonic New York/New Jersey Pre-Apocalypse
Walking Dead Georgia/Southern U.S. The Apocalypse
World War Z Global The Apocalypse
Deep Impact Global The Apocalypse
Terminator (future scenes) Southern California Early
Damnation Alley Los Angeles to Boston Early
Judge Dredd/Dredd London Middle
Escape from New York New York Middle
Escape from L.A. Los Angeles Middle
Hunger Games Pennsylvania through North Carolina Late
Divergent Chicago Late
The Giver Maine Late
Thundarr the Barbarian America Late
The Matrix Any place Very Late
Planet of the Apes East Coast of North America Very Late
Wall-E Global Very Late

And Beyond

Surely there are some post-apocalyptic properties I forgot. There’s also some I didn’t forget … Logan’s Run, the Time Machine, Death Lands, Kamandi to name a few. Those are just post-apocalyptic worlds that I don’t know much about.

Where would you put those missing elements? What are their locations and positions on the timeline? Leave a message below and help me grow this list!

Thundarr Post-apocalyptic world
The Earth is a crazy place in the Post-apocalyptic world. Sometimes the moon gets split in half!


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