Underman is Born: Help for Your Sock and Underwear Drive

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UNDERMAN! He’s the SUPER-CHAMPION powered by CLEAN SOCKS and FRESH UNDERWEAR! Even better, you can recruit him for your next public service project!

Underman. Sock Drive. Underwear Drive.
Got a sock or underwear drive? Underman is ready to help!

That’s right, he’s available to be used in a promotional poster Comics on the Brain originally created for a local Cadette Girl Scout Troop.

How did Underman come about? The Girl Scouts were putting together a clothing drive that asked people to donate new underwear and socks to help others who need a fresh start — and what better way to get a fresh start than with whitey-tighties and toasty-warm gym socks? We agreed and offered our piece of the puzzle, that fantastic new superhero Underman!

If you’re looking to make a donation of new socks and underwear yourself, just visit your local Salvation Army, Red Cross or local clothing bank and bring those new socks and underwear along. These organizations are vital to local communities as they go out of their way to help people in dire situations. They are there to help those who’ve suffered from a fire, natural disaster, economic problems or other upheavals beyond their control.

You Need Underman’s Help!

Want to do your own sock and underwear drive? Contact Comics on the Brain and we’ll be happy to rebuild the poster of Underman to suit your needs!

We’ll create a poster like the one you see below filled in with details for your organization and have it done in just a few hours after you make your request.

We can even make your Underman poster in Black & White or color.

Sock drive idea. Underwear drive idea
Underman will be happy to help your group’s sock and underwear drive.

Your Neighbors Need Your Help!

Remember that you can (and should) include socks and underwear in your regular charitable donations of new clothing. These items are absolutely vital to those in need, and are definitely appreciated for those who have lost everything.

It’s understandable that the first thing you think about are warm coats and good shoes, but beyond those items, donations of new socks and underwear are incredibly appreciated. When buying, look for a variety of sizes that stress function over form.

When buying socks, look for durable, single-colored socks that can be worn in any number of circumstances. When selecting underwear to donate, pick out styles that are tasteful and comfortable. Sizing, naturally, should be for a variety of body types — remember not everyone is built like you (or Underman).

And finally, THANK YOU for your kind donations to whichever organization you see fit.

Clothesline picture courtesy of flickr.com’s spike55151


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