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Tommy One

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my first novel — “Tommy One and the Apocalypse Gun” — as published by the good folks at Pro Se Productions.

"Tommy One and the Apocalypse Gun" by John Simcoe.
“Tommy One and the Apocalypse Gun” by John Simcoe.

I wrote “Tommy One” over the course of a few months while my wife nursed her addiction to the medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy.” While she watched it, I typed up this grand adventure starring a teenager who keeps on being reborn and the people who have somehow attached themselves to him.

Here’s the official descriptive text from the back of the book:

When the nefarious CAPTAIN BLACKEYE unleashes his deadly new weapon on the city of NORFOLK, VIRGINIA, it’s up to TOMMY ONE, the so called Eternal Teenager, to stop the horrific plot. After the fiendish pirate-scientist shoots the teen hero dead, Blackeye thinks that at long last his plucky enemy is done. But that’s not how Tommy One works! Behind every Tommy One, there’s a TOMMY TWO waiting to replace him — an exact duplicate with all the skills and memories of his predecessor. And if that Tommy goes, there’s another to replace him! But are an unlimited supply of heroes enough to stop the the devastating effects of the APOCALYPSE GUN? And what happens to the Tommy Infinity project when Tommy One suddenly acquires a girlfriend? And just who created this army of clones in the first place? Find out this and more as you live the adventure of a hundred lifetimes in TOMMY ONE AND THE APOCALYPSE GUN by JOHN SIMCOE and published by PRO SE PRODUCTIONS!

You can buy yourself a physical copy of Tommy One and The Apocalypse Gun
or Smashwords (e-book only). In fact, you should buy one of each!

Most of all, I would really appreciate it if you would leave a review on whichever platform you choose to buy it!

Got questions about the book, its origins and how I put it all together? I’ll be discussing those soon!






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