Daily Doodle: Scare-Glow

One of the minor villains of the Masters of the Universe line, Scare-Glow has a great iconic look that riffs off of Skeletor. He’s a skeleton creature that is composed of a set of glowing bones.

He-Man's foe Scare-Glow
The Masters of the Universe Scare-Glow character was one of the last released.

Like any MotU character, he has a dynamic musculature that puts most body-builders to shame. So is he a skeleton or musclebound freak? Good question.

In our view, he’s an animated skeleton with a magical energy cage around him in the shape of a musclehead. That gives him the physicality to battle the likes of He-Man if the need arises. He’d probably rather fight someone a little less imposing though.

The official lore is sparse on Scare-Glow, calling him the “Ghost of Skeletor,” which has some thinking this is Skeletor’s ghost. Others interpret that as a ghost under the direction of Skeletor. We prefer to consider him a separate character.

As an action figure, Scare-Glow came packed with a neon green pole-axe and a purple cape. Though the figure was literally among the last MotU characters in the line, he’s actually very simple in design, and more like the earliest figure than the later additions. Other than his glow-in-the-dark paint, he’s about as normal of an Masters of the Universe action figure as you can get.

Scare-Glow minicomic
Scare-Glow puts the heebie-jeebies on Prince Adam.






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