A rebirth and a rough houser

It’s been a while since we posted here at Comics on the Brain. Among our many issues were a lack of time and the fact that GoDaddy ditched its blogging platform. Now we are totally on WordPress and selfhosted.
We have a few tweaks to iron out, including fixing our links, but expect a lot more from CotB from now on.
Why? Because we always have something to say and this blog is now connected to a mobile device!


Along with our precipitous decline in blogging, the CotB staff also slid away from our favorite pastime of drawing with ballpoint pens. This guy is or effort to dive back into this too.
His name is Graylark, a modern cowboy of sorts. A fine brawler who is simply a good fighter with a thick frame and a dutiful sense of justice. Prairie justice, that is. He measures what’s right and wrong with his own judgment, not what the lawbooks say.
Do we have more to say about Graylark? Maybe. We’ll have to think about him some more. And since were typing this whole post on a cellphone, it doesn’t have to be grandiose or stunning.
Not yet, at least. This is the future of blogging and things are never set in stone. They are as fleeting as a bird.


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