Church Sketches X: Back in the Mix

Do you know how long its been since I’ve put up a collection of doodles & sketches? It’s literally been years. And while it’s been a long-long time, I have managed to keep collecting all my sketches.

In fact, I currently have a bursting-at-the-seams folder with all sorts of stuff inside — logos, character sketches, super-hero designs and random “funny animals.”

This group of sketches comes from my “random” subfolder, where I throw all the things that aren’t my own or just too weird to bother doing anything else with.

In the image above, we have a Scarecrow, followed by a Bruce Timm-style Captain Marvel. From there, we have Santa Claus, the Marvel character Jack of Hearts and finally a grumbly monk!

This batch includes a random guy who reminds me a bit of a Dick Tracy villain, a scruffy dog and two robotic creatures.

We start off here with a steroid-loving version of the Phantom, cartoon dinosaur, a sneaky Batman, my favorite cyborg — RoboCop— and then some random guy.

This one starts off with an athletic bird, a salamander rocking an awesome belt, a demon-type of creature and a knife-wielding penguin!

Here we start out with a rather emotive superhero, a poodle to counter the earlier penguin, a singing jester and a rolling wave, which I really like since it turned out really well and I really need to practice drawing water!

Looking for more in this series? Here you go!


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