Let’s hear it for the other superheroes

One of Comics on the Brain’s little pleasures in the comic book world is the idea that not every superhero gets to save the world. Not every villain plots to empty out Fort Knox either.

Instead, we totally dig the little heroes and villains that eke out their existence in the shadow of Captain America, Superman and Batman. These are the characters that really make us think. We wonder about what’s happening in their lives while Spider-Man has his sixth documented adventure of the month.

What are they doing? What trials are they facing. Since you don’t see them too often, are we to presume their lives are just too busy to put on their costume? Is Armadillo at his kids’ soccer games? At work, moaning about bills to pay? Is Jocasta lending part of her computing power to H&R Block, just to earn a little extra cash?

Or are they the ones who spend their days helping people get their cars out of the ditch? Not too heroic, but helpful enough.

And the villains? Maybe we don’t see them much because they wised up and realized that putting on a costume,  uniform or set of armor gets them into more trouble than its worth. It’s like a license to get your ass kicked. Maybe they purposely use their powers in a way to fly under the radar of the Fantastic Four and Avengers.

Maybe some of the obscure C-List heroes and villains more like how Booster Gold was once presented: Doing some really big work, but keeping it hush-hush so they can keep on doing it.

What ever the case, lets hear it for the little guys and all the little things they do. Sure, Marvel and DC are making fun of you. Sure, they are ignoring you, but you’re still in our hearts.

Keep fighting the good fight, fellas.


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