Halflings: The toons of D&D

Comics on the Brain loves role-playing games. There’s nothing more fun than sitting around a table with some buddies and delving into an imaginary world where life and death is decided by the role of a die.

These sorts of adventures might seem boring to some — especially the generation that has amazingly sophisticated video games that allow you the customization at the level that the we enjoy on tabletop games.

There’s even a level of interactivity in the new games.

But somehow tabletop games offer something a little more. There’s the game in the mind’s eye that is shaped entirely by the person playing it — unlike those video game players who rely on someone else’s imagination.
When CotB plays Dungeons & Dragons — or any other RPG — we like to construct our vision on paper.

The images, drawn with a ball-point pen, and can be seen around this post are what we did as we were playing a halfling wizard a few campaigns ago.

We tried drawing a new image for every game session. Sometimes those sessions went well, sometimes they went bad for our little spell-flinger.

Of course, these are very cartoony and D&D often isn’t but come on — it was a halfling.

They see the whole world as a cartoon.


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