Female friendly comics in ‘Damsels: Mermaids’

One of the books that captured the immediate attention of the Comics on the Brain staff was Dynamite Entertainment’s “Damsels: Mermaids.”

For the longest time, after reading The Secret World of Mermaids, we’ve felt that a mermaid comic book would be a kick-butt comic. In that book, the author explored a wide variety of mermaid myths and split the fin-tails into a variety of subraces, each with their own personalities, abilities and motivations.

So far it looks like the series is up to No. 3 or 4 at this point, but we picked up No. 1, and I really liked it.

The story by Matt Sturges (“Jack of Fables”) and drawn by Jean Paul Deshong.

The extreme basics of the story: An outcast mermaid and a prince of Atlantis are going to team up to save the pre-sunk nation from some evil sorcerers.

Already in the first issue, we get some interesting groundwork laid for a wider universe (with the inclusion of Selkies and Goblin/Orcs) and decent action (thanks to the inclusion of a volatile pirate).

Further we enjoyed the book because we didn’t think the females were over-sexualized (at least by comics standards) and we wouldn’t be uncomfortable giving it to a female readers. Sure it’s probably best for tweens and up, but that’s just because of some sophisticated discussions on the nature of love.

That all being said, the covers are a little on the spicy side. This, unfortunately, is probably the best way to draw a few more eyeballs to the book. Those not interested in the “sexy” covers can try to hunt down alternate versions, including a cartoony one by Chris Eliopoulous.

We’re sure “Damsels: Mermaids” isn’t selling terribly well, but the book deserves a look, especially by those complaining there aren’t enough comic books for women. It really deserves some promotion as a female-friendly book (at least as of what I’m seeing in issue No.1 and the FCBD issue 0).

Giving “Damsels: Mermaids” as a gift? Do it, and add “The Secret World of Mermaids” to the box while you’re at it.

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