Men in Black: Taking on the Predators

Imagine a movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger got some help. Where Arnold wasn’t alone as he thought, deep in the Central American jungle. Where he had some expert advice in dealing with a rogue alien hunter — some advice from the Men in Black.
Yes, imagine a world where the intergalactic hunters known as the Predators came across the likes of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. More importantly, where they had to battle someone used to exchanging gunfire with someone who could match their firepower.
That’s what can happen in the amazing “Men in Black: The Role-Playing Game,” a now defunct gaming system devised by the late, great West End Games for their D6 System.
Here, for anyone interested is the gaming statistics for the Predators, or at least the ones who showed their ugly faces in the “Predator” and “Predator II.”
The beasts also showed up in plenty of comics over the years. And later, those comics spawned two more movies, which pitted the Aliens against the Predators.
If you’re interested in the Men in Black game, check eBay and Amazon for listings. All the material is generally quite inexpensive, and a fun one-off game for those interested in taking on the role of an MIB agent.

THE PREDATOR (Intergalactic Safari Hunter)

NOTES: This description is based solely on the films ‘Predator’ and ‘Predator II.’ The Predator ‘story’ has been expanded in numerous comics, novels and video games, but those aren’t covered here. If you feel there are any glaring errors or omissions here, please e-mail me.

  • HEIGHT: 5 to 7 feet
  • WEIGHT: 150 to 350 lbs


  • Reflexes 3D/5D
  • Coordination 3D/5D
  • Strength 3D/5D
  • Endurance 3D/5D
  • Knowledge 3D/5D
  • Perception 3D/5D
  • Confidence 2D/5D
  • Charisma 2D/4D

STARTING DICE POOLS: 28D for Attributes and 10D for Skills


  • INFRAVISION (Predators can see the heat emanating off living creatures, machines and inanimate objects. Limitation: predators can only see in this spectrum.)
  • CLAWS (Predators have claws on their hands and feet. Their hand claws give them a +1D STR damage. Their foot claws give them a +1D Climbing Skill.

LIMITATIONS: Predators bleed an luminescent greenish color blood. When they are shot or cut, they often leave an obvious trail. Anyone attempting to track a wounded Predator gets a +2D to their Tracking Skill.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Reptilian bipeds with white scaly skins and beady eyes. Their mouths are similar to a crustacean’s. Many predators have loose skin that grows from their heads that resemble dreadlocks.

SOCIAL DESCRIPTION: Very little is known about the Predator’s social interaction as they are rarely encountered in groups larger than three on Earth. They do show an order of dominance, although it isn’t clear how ranks are determined

DISGUISES: Most Predators hide themselves under a shimmering light-bending field that renders them almost invisible to all but the most sophisticated devices or most watchful eye. Their Camoflauge Device is discussed under Technology and Weapons section below.

TECHNOLOGY AND WEAPONS: The items described below are attuned to Predator physiology and an Alien Technology Skill roll must be made by races other than Predators for each operation attempted.

  • SUICIDE BOMB (This explosive is used by a Predator who’s disgraced itself. It does 15D Damage to every object within a 1000-meter radius of the center of the blast. Alien Ops Difficulty: 20)
  • LASER TARGETING (This device gives the Predator a +6D to his Marksmanship Skill, but takes one turn to lock on to its target. Alien Ops Difficulty:14)
  • COMBAT ARMOR (This suit of armor provides the Predator with +5D to resist damage. The enclosed suit also provides the Predator with a controlled environment, making the wearer immune to breath attacks.)
  • GOGGLES (The Predator’s helmet, which has multiple lenses, adds a +1D to all Perception rolls and an additional +1D to his Marksmanship Skill. By alternating its lenses, the Predator can make multiple perception checks, without any penalties for repeating the same action. Alien Ops Difficulty:18)
  • SKINNING BLADES (These blades are retracted into the Predator’s combat armor for skinning victims and removing their skull, but they can also be used in hand-to-hand combat. They cannot be used in conjunction with the Predator’s natural claws. Each claw set does 2D+STR in damage.Alien Ops Difficulty: 7)
  • MIMICRY (Predators have a microrecorder and speaker set inside their combat armor. The device allows them to record a sound and play it back, giving them a +2D Con Skill to fool its prey into a trap. Alien Ops Difficulty: 25)
  • PLASMA CANNON (This shoulder mounted plasma cannon has a fire rate of 3 and does 2D+1 per blast. The range is 5/15/40. Alien Ops Difficulty: 15)
  • CAMOUFLAGE DEVICE (Probably the most sophisticated device used by the Predators, the Camoflauge Device which gives them a +5D to their Hide Skill. The device essentially causes light from behind the Predator to warp in front of it, allowing the creature to blend into the background. The Camoflauge Device uses an excessive amount of energy from the Predator’s Combat Armor, and has a battery that lasts 6 hours. Most Predators carry extra batteries while hunting. Alien Ops Difficulty: 20)
  • ROCKET WEDGE (This self propelled weapon tracks targets with a 3D Marksmanship Skill, and does 2D+2 damage. It has no range modifiers. Alien Ops Difficulty: 10)
  • MEDICAL KIT (Most Predators carry a first aid kit that is attuned to their phsyiology only. It gives them a +2D to any First Aid Skill attempts. Alien Ops Difficulty:10)

ON EARTH: Predators come to Earth for only one reason: To hunt. They have hunted humans and other Earth creatures for centuries. The fairly recent influx of aliens to Earth has only added to the variety of prey on the blue planet.


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