Buzz-Off’s mute witness to He-Man’s insect-o-cide

In real-life, and in fiction, people tend to stick with their own kind. People of Italian descent root for Italy in the World Cup. People from France think French wine is the best in the world.

In “Lord of the Rings,” all the elves do what their elfy bosses tell them to do. Even in Harry Potter’s world, the Hufflepuff’s wouldn’t dream of asking some scummy Ravenclaws for help.

But among the “Masters of the Universe,” no such loyalties appear to exist, especially when Buzz-Off is concerned.

The MotU mini-comic titled “He-Man and the Insect People” stars He-Man, of course, as well as Mekaneck and Buzz-Off. With a name that includes “and the Insect People,” you’d think that Buzz-Off would be one of the primary characters. Heck, you might even assume that he is, perhaps, a representative of said Insect People.

But that is clearly not the case. In fact, you begin to wonder what kind of person Buzz-Off is as the story unfolds. Does he hate these Insect People? Is he an outcast from their society? We’ll never know because Buzz-Off isn’t one to share his feelings.

Through the little book, Buzz-Off stays eerily quiet about the events that unfold. In fact, he only says three things through the comic:

  • “With you all the way!” he brown-noses to He-Man.
  • “That sinister spider’s got Teela!” he says, clearly picking sides.
  • “Kex! Follow me and save your queen!” he finally adds — after the fight’s all done.

Buzz-Off carefully plays his cards — for all we know, he could be ready to betray He-Man at any moment

But that clearly isn’t the case. As the insect people suffer, he just tows the line. Not their line, but He-Man’s — which says He-Man is always right and punching something is the best way to get the job done.

Buzz-Off could have interjected a few things here and there. He, a bee-themed hero, could have helped the Insect People — a bee-themed society. He could have been an ambassador of good will — but he says nothing.

As the heroes descended into the insect realm, how about a “Hey, the bug people that live down here are nice folks. Just let me do the talking! But in Eternia, we all know a balled up fist is what really gets people talking.

Buzz-Off could have saved lives. But no. He just let He-Man and his friends brutally assault the bugmen.

And when it was all done, the queen of the insect people thanked He-man and his “heroic warriors” for their help. But did she specifically thank — or even slightly acknowledge Buzz-Off?

No, she did not.

There’s clearly something going on here, and we the poor adolescent readers are left to wonder.

Is the queen an ex-girlfriend of Buzz-Off, and the two deliver a mutual cold-shoulder to one another?

Is Buzz-Off just one of those shy guys who never knows what to say?

Or, as we at Comics on the Brain believe, was he looking to be Eternia’s No. 1 bugman? Perhaps being so devious as to allow the utter destruction of all the other bugfolk in the realm so he rises to the top?

We’ll never know for sure. But, like we said, Buzz-Off is eerily quiet about the whole thing. One can only guess his intentions.

And we are guessing they are most foul.


Here’s what He-Man.Org had to say about the “He-Man and the Insect People” minicomic:

Beast Man kidnaps the Queen of the Kex, an insectile race. He-Man,
Mekaneck, and Buzz-Off go to save the queen. Beast Man, outnumbered three
to one, and deprived of his hypnotic hold on the queen, runs for his
life like a big coward.

1984, Series 3.
Packaged with Battle Armor He-Man, Beast Man, Buzz-Off, Mekaneck and Prince Adam.


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