The Lives and Times of Tommy One

To the world, teenager TOMMY ONE is unbeatable. He’s perfect. He’s the boy every girl dreams of dating. He’s the world-famous superstar every guy wants to be.

He’s a hero’s hero. He shatters crime syndicates. He mows down Nazis. He recovers stolen artifacts. He breaks world records.

But he has a few secrets. In fact, he isn’t even a teenager. He’s something a little bit more — he’s the first human clone developed through the powers of science!

And since he’s a clone, his “father,” PROFESSOR JOHANN WEITMURSCH, made sure he wasn’t just a simple human or a Frankenstein’s monster. Instead, he’s the greatest there is from top to bottom — assembled from the genetic code plumbed from the remains of the world’s most gifted humans — the know-how of TESLA, the cunning of HOUDINI, the raw strength of BRIETBART and the best attributes of dozens more.

While Tommy One seems immortal, unstoppable and perfect, even that is just a ruse. Tommy One has been killed twenty times already — and every time, he’s just replaced by the TOMMY TWO that’s been training non-stop since he got promoted from being TOMMY THREE.

It’s an endless cycle, but one that serves the greater good.

Tommy One knows all too well that being an adventurer is hard work and the price is high.
Will Tommy One survive his latest challenge? And for that matter, will Tommy Two? Or three? Or seventeen?

Just how many Tommies have to die to finally set things right?

… Find out in the next exciting adventure in THE LIVES AND TIMES OF TOMMY ONE!


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