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I review comics on Twitter at Here are the May 2010 through June 2010 reviews!

Total Eclipse Book Two (1988): Airboy and others prep for battle against Zzed. Fun book for as little as I know about the “Eclipseverse.”
Grand Prix No. 26 (July 1969): Stories of hot rods and race cars that read and look OK today, except the climaxes are kind of flat. C+
Visionaries No. 2 (Jan 85): More origin story for the toyline. Characters stick to cartoon templates, but here they are hard to tell apart.
Buck Rogers No.7 & 7 (2009): Ugh, this revamp has run out of steam fast. Buck is without a shred of personality. Artist is OK, but dull.
Superman The MoT (Spring 99): Decidedly old school snoozer about Supes swiping the world’s nukes. Where have I heard that before? Yaaawn.
Superman The MoT No. 12 (Winter 99): Superman vs. an electric guy. This title just should not have existed. It’s useless without continuity.
Secret Superman Files & Origins No. 2 (1999): Snapshot of the Supes-Uni at the time. Never heard of “Strange Visitor” character. Kinda like.
Superman Man of Tomorrow No. 11 (1998): Totally useless issue that just forwards plot points but doesn’t resolve anything. Bad way to write.
Wolverine Weapon X No. 11 (May 2010): Hey, not a bad story here with Cap and Wolvie at a bar. Plus you get geared up for fight vs. Deathlok!
The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection No. 3 (Deathlok): Workable summary of multiple characters. Cover art is horrible. Rich Buckler is A++
Secret Avengers No. 1 (July 2010): Bought because of Valkyrie, but it was only marginally interesting. Proactive covert team …. yaaawwnnn.
Disney Comics The Classics Collection (2006) Nice hardcover of old Dell movie adaptations. Truly great, and I ended up liking ‘Bambi’ best.
Lone Ranger Vol. 1 (2007): Dynamite offers a grittier origin for our hero in blue. Cariello’s art really makes this thing work.
The Lone Ranger Vol. 2 (2008): Dynamite offers a great series here. Art by Sergio Cariello really captures a gritty Western feel. Highest A+
Power Girl No. 7 (Feb 10) Woo-boy, that’s some funny stuff with Vartox. Amanda Conner is the new Kevin Maguire. I’ll miss her on this book.
Power Girl No. 8 (Mar 10) My, Vartox and PG fling just got funnier. This is a great book. Kudos to Gray and Palmiotti for writing chores.
Power Girl No. 9 (Apr 10): She punched the tusk off a mutant elephant. This is the kind of superhero book I like. Not too heavy, y’know?
Power Girl 11 (Jun 10): A nice twist on the Ultra Humanite story. Love Terra’s costume by the way. Better than the old Terra by Perez.
Power Girl No. 12 (2010): Finale to a truly great run of comics by PGC. I think even 10 yrs from now, this will go down as one of the best.
Will Eisner’s The Spirit No. 1 (Jun 10): This the first First Wave book I’ve liked since the preview issue. Doesn’t dwell in modern life. A+
Visionaries No. 1 (Nov 87): Comic for a toyline that I love and based on a TV show I really love. Still, not much here. Early M.Bagley art.
Birds of Prey No. 1 (July 10): Team is back with old baggage I didn’t really understand. But Hawk and Dove are worth the confusion!
Jonah Hex: No Way Back (2010): So-so story with very un-modern art. Will not appeal to many readers. There’s a reason they shrink-wrap ’em!
The Mighty Thor No. 265 (Nov. 77): Fight versus the Destroyer in a battle that wrecks Asgard. And whose spirit is running Big D? Read it!
Sif No. 1 (2010): Artist reminds me of Art Adams, which is a good thing. Story a bit ho-hum, but would love more Xena-of-the-MU adventures.
Girls Vol. 1 (2008): Luna Brothers aren’t well known to me, but they sure spin one hell of a good tale. Great art. Great story. I want more!
Girl Comics No. 1 (2010): All female creators sure do create a fun comic. Thoroughly enjoy this “slice of life” look at the Marvel Universe
Girl Comics No 2 (2010): More fresh and fun mini-stories from female creators. Would like to see Hellcat and Valkyrie ASAP. Who’s Elsa?!?
Red Sonja 2 (Mar 83): This was bad. It doesn’t work to try to ape Frank Thorne’s art and this was a pedestrian attempt at it. Story blah too
Moby Dick (2002): Dick Giordano illustrates plot-centric adaptation. Pretty exciting if you’re OK with the heavy editing of Melville.
Marvel Chillers No. 7 (Oct. 76): This comic stars Tigra, and she acts a lot like Wolverine in it. Hmmm, definitely not the Tigra I know. B-
Marvel Two-in-One 64 (Jun 80): Start of Serpent Crown story. Impressive art & inking. Lotsa Ben “Whoa is me” attitude. Stingray guests.
Marvel Two-in-One No. 94 (Oct. 82): Stinky issue about learning stuff from video games. Ugh. Bad art. Bad plot. Luke Cage, Iron Fist guest.
Defenders No. 124 (Oct. 83): Helped me fill in an important issue in my collection. Now I understand the next-issue switch to new team.
Booster Gold 33 (Aug 2010): Funny look back at one of the best comics of the 1980s. Especially BG’s interrogation by Martian Manhunter.
Justice League Generation Lost No. 1-2 (2010): Wow, is this a good story or what? Perfect art for No. 1, not so for No. 2. Still … WOW!
JSA Classified 10 (May 06): It’s my belief that only DC writers think Vandal Savage is interesting. Everyone else is bored to tears by him.
JSA 82 (Apr 06): Bridging tale b4 1 Year Later. Neat look at the remnants of Earth-2. Good for Power Girl fans too. Perez art!
Justice League of America No. 121 (Aug 75): Team helps Adam Strange get hitched. Didn’t really star JLA at all. This was all Adam. Grade: C.
New Mutants 7(Sept 83): Intro to Axe, a new mutant villain who was probably never seen again. Adventure in Brazil hence the Carnival theme.
New Mutants 8 (Oct 83): Wow, I really liked this. I know what happens in the next issue but it had a cool climax that was well put together.
New Mutants 15 (May 84): The kids find out Illyana is a sorcerer. Rahne beats herself up about being a werewolf. Typical for Claremont.
Cloak & Dagger No. 1 (2010): Nice glimpse at ‘what’s up’ with my fav duo. Glad they aren’t mutants. Pleasant art, good characterization.
#FCBD Iron Man/Nova (May 10): OK, but you could take either out of this book and it would still make sense. Like “Garfield minus Garfield.”
#FCBD Green Hornet (2010): Wow this was total crap. Adverts are fine, but give us something interesting too. Mon May 03 23:59:54 +0000 2010
#FCBD G.I. Joe (2010): IDW is reverting back to Marvel numbering. This was good, and bringing Hama back to do it is perfect. I’ll buy this!
#FCBD Toy Story (2010): OK comic, but certainly not good enough for me to pick up any more. Art would probably look better without inking.
#FCBD Bongo Comics Free-For-All (2010): I’m sorry, but Simpsons humor just isn’t as good in comic book form. No laughs from me here.
RoboCop No. 3 (2010): Media breaks, massive violence and sarcasm. That’s just what a RoboCop comic needs. About time, I say!
RoboCop No. 4 (2010): This book keeps on surprising. Easily the best RoboCop sequel ever — in film, TV, comics or cartoons. A true must-buy


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