Twitter reviews: Justice League Generation Lost, Valkyrie, Teen Titans, Asterix, Wolverine, Superman, Power Girl, Disney, RoboCop, Lone Ranger and even Elvis

I review comics on Twitter at Here are the July 2010 through October 2010 reviews!

Salvation Run
no. 1 (Jan 08):
2 dozen DC villians are dumped on a desolate planet to
fend for themselves. This is my kind of old-school fun.

Heathclif (various): I think I’m the only one in America that still gets a laugh out of the “Heathcliff” comic strip.
Purple Smurfs (2010):
Papercutz reprints classic (read: pre-80s toon)
Peyo stories, and its kind of neat seeing smurfs punch each other.

Salty Air (2008):
Engaging graphic novel about taking revenge on the
sea … and how the sea fights back — with an octopus! A++

in Belgium (1979)
: I am baffled that these books aren’t popular in the
U.S. This was yet another funny entry in the series.

Teen Titans No. 87 (Nov. 10): Am I the only one grossed out by seeing Superboy and Wonder Girl in bed together? GAG!!!
This Marvel comic was supposed to clean up continuity issues.
Wrong. All it did was pitch the character’s history.

PerĀ¢ (2006):
Tony Consiglio offers the amusing story of the disturbing
adult fans of a boy band. You really end up hating some of them.

Bunny Funny (2007):
Wordless graphic novel about not being able to be
what you want to be. Set in a society where foxes harvest bunnies.

King (2005):
What if an Elvis impersonator became a god? That’s what
this comic book asks, and after reading it — I’m all shook up.

& Stinky (2008):
A fun little tale of the first pigs on Pluto.
Well, at least that’s where they were trying to go! Perfect for kids!

No. 2 (Jan 85):
More origin story for the toyline. Characters stick to
cartoon templates, but here they are hard to tell apart.

No. 4 (May 86):
Hasbro toy-based comic. Story on grudging respect
between a good guy and a bad guy. Can’t we all just get along?

League Generation Lost No. 1-2 (2010):
Wow, is this a good story or
what? Perfect art for No. 1, not so for No. 2. Still … WOW!

League Generation Lost No. 4 (Aug 2010):
This book just keeps getting
better. Max Lord’s as a victim of nostalgia? Intriguing!

League Generation Lost No.s 5-6 (2010):
This series is ramping up quite
impressively. Definitely a game changer for all involved.

League Generation Lost Nos. 7-8 (2010):
Writers should remember Fire is
Brazillian and wouldn’t use American football terms. Geez!

Booster Gold 33
(Aug 2010):
Funny look back at one of the best comics of the 1980s.
Especially BG’s interrogation by Martian Manhunter. A

Girl No. 12 (2010):
Finale to a truly great run of comics by PGC. I
think even 10 yrs from now, this will go down as one of the best.

Birds of Prey No. 3 (2010): It’s nice to see a writer ‘get’ Hawk & Dove. Still, I had a little trouble following the plot.
Freedom Fighters No. 1 (Nov 2010): Interesting in the fact that the title appears to have debuted 9 new characters in 1st ish.
Comics The Classics Collection (2006):
Nice hardcover of old Dell movie
adaptations. Truly great, and I ended up liking ‘Bambi’ best.

Carl Barks Library of Donald Duck No. 8 (1990ish): Collects some good Barks
stories with essays too. Pretty neat, but I don’t need any more.
Joe the
Barbarian No. 1 (2010):
Joe gets sucked into an action figure war. Hmmm,
seems like this has been done before. Unimpressive.

Allies No. 1 (Aug 2010):
Five young heroes join up and do nothing but
make me yawn in boredom. I usually like this stuff too. Grade C.

Woman No. 329 (Feb. 86):
Surprisingly touching finale before the
post-Crisis WW. And honestly, I’ve never seen better from Don Heck.

Heralds No. 3 of 5 (2010): Kathryn Immonen really makes her books fun, and this group plus the Thing made me laugh out loud. A+
Avengers No. 1 (July 2010):
Bought because of Valkyrie, but it was only
marginally interesting. Proactive covert team …. yaaawwnnn.

Avengers No. 2 (Aug. 2010):
On Mars, the team hunts for MIA hero.
Ant-Man and War Machine squabble. And Beast is an Avenger again!

The Graphic Novel (2005):
Gary Reed and Frazer Irving do a great job
capturing the melancholy of this classic story. Grade A!

No. 700 (Aug 2010):
Wow, Supes is 700. What better way to kick off a
navel-gazing storyline! Nuttin’ special, Nuttin awful. B-.
Weapon X No. 11 (May 2010):
Hey, not a bad story here with Cap and
Wolvie at a bar. Plus you get geared up for fight vs. Deathlok!

Weapon X 13 (May 2010):
Wolvie teams up with Avengers to fight an army
of Deathloks. Highest level of coolness I can imagine! A++

Legends of the Dark Knight No. 6 (Apr 90):
Kickoff of campaign vs. Mr.
Whisper. Klaus Janson draws. That’s about the best thing here.
Eclipse Book Two (1988):
Airboy and others prep for battle against
Zzed. Fun book for as little as I know about the “Eclipseverse.”

Prix No. 26 (July 1969):
Stories of hot rods and race cars that read
and look OK today, except the climaxes are kind of flat. C+

Chillers No. 7 (Oct. 76):
This comic stars Tigra, and she acts a lot
like Wolverine in it. Hmmm, definitely not the Tigra I know. B-

No. 4 (2010):
This book keeps on surprising. Easily the best RoboCop
sequel ever — in film, TV, comics or cartoons. A true must-buy

Lone Ranger Vol. 1 (2007): Dynamite offers a grittier origin for our hero in blue. Cariello’s art really makes this thing work.


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