Two kinds of cosplay: Superheroes vs. sports

In recent years, cosplay has really taken off. This is where boys and girls, men and women dress up in superhero, video-game and movie-inspired costumes.

For any comic-book fan, this pastime is a great way to get an idea of what your favorite characters might look like in real life.

For any non-comic book fan, it’s a chance to see nerdy dweebs look like idiots (when its a guy dressing in costume) or a chance to see some hot chicks show off their cleavage (when its a girl dressing up).

But you non-comic fans might appreciate such antics a little more if you look at these fan-made costumes the same way you consider people who don sport hats with football logos or wear replica jerseys of the top baseball players.

Just like those sports fans don’t really think they’re Brett Favre, the cosplay people don’t think they’re a superhero or a video game star. Both sets of people are just showing their support for a pastime they like. The same can be said for one guy who fills his man-cave with Star Wars merchandise and another who fills his man-cave with Chicago Bulls accoutrements.

I know what’s going through your head: “Methinks he doth protest too much!”

You’re betting I’ve got a Sailor Moon outfit in my closet and I’m spending my evenings sewing a Mister Fantastic leotard.

In truth, as an adult, I’ve only done it twice.

One time I dressed up as Captain Marvel (You know, the guy who says “Shazam!”) and another time I was the Hobgoblin (A knockoff of the Spider-Man villain the Green Goblin).

And you know what? Both times it was quite a bit of fun, and I’d do it again if I had the time.

So for all you folks who scoff at people wearing prosthetic “Star Trek” foreheads or fat guys in body stockings and “pretending” to be the Golden Age Green Lantern, just remember that there’s twice as many of you guys in far-too-small football jerseys, pointless eyeblack and team-spirit makeup.


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