Twitter Reviews: Harley and Ivy, Snarked, Darkhawk, Spider-Man, Nova, Batman, Elvira and more

I review comics on Twitter at Here are the June and July 2012 reviews!

Mod Wheels No. 14 (1974): It’s hard to believe there were multiple car-racing comics back in the day! This one came up with some neat ideas.

War Goddess No. 1 (2011): Was hoping for a Wonder Woman with guts, but this was a little too much “blood and guts.”

Return of the Monsters: Domino Lady Vs. Mummy (2011): Wow, this read like a huge rush job. Quite disappointed after a good mystery.

The Stainless Steel Rat No. 5 (1982): I tried the books before, but this actually helps me wrap my head around the character a little more.

Savage Sword of Conan No. 91 (1983): Artist John Buscema does a fine job on this pedestrian story.

Iron Fist No. 4 (2004): This book looks like it was drawn by that people that do Street Fighter games. It’s faux manga at its worst.

Chick-Fil-A Gristle Missile (Giveaway): The comic-book story of a cow that’s just too quick to be contained.

Defenders No. 4 (2012): Tricks of magic between Doctor Strange and a Criss Angel doppleganger. Need much less of Strange in this book.

Barbi Twins Adventures No. 1 (1995): Not a horrible story, but you tend to forgive a lot when you stare too long at the cleavage.

Voltron Force – Free Comic Book Day (2012): A new generation learns the lions, but without animation this didn’t work so well for me.

Batman Incorporated No. 1 (2012): I like any comic where Robin gets shot in the head. Other than that, kinda annoyed by Morrison’s writing.

Darkhawk No. 30 (1993): Lots of intriguing bits in this comic that ties in with the Infinity Crusade. Enough to make me willing to buy more.

Darkhawk No. 31 (1993): A big heroes vs. heroes issue and it was fairly good except for the freakishly ugly art.

Darkhawk No. 33 (1993): New artist does well, especially in the civilian scenes. He could do a good romance comic (and that’s a compliment).

Nova No. 2 (1994): Features a cover that makes Nova’s head look like an oil drum. Inside art doesn’t get any better. Really a dismal comic.

Nova No. 3 (1994): Guest stars Spider-Man in an attempt to draw readers. The plot however doesn’t hold up as Spidey disappears for finale.

Nova No. 4 (1994): Nova fights a future Nova but doesn’t realize it, and I can’t figure out why he wouldn’t realize it. The art stunk too.

Avenging Spider-Man No. 7 (2012): You cannot miss this one as Spidey teams up with She-Hulk. You even get a lesson in Egyptian diplomacy.

Spectacular Spider-Man No. 220 (1995): The art was what surprised me here: Sal Buscema with Sienkiewicz on finishes makes for a great combo!  Actually features a “new” villain I kind of like. I profiled Stunner here

Spectacular Spider-Man No. 221 (1994): Doc Ock runs Pete through the ringer, then someone else does worse to Doc. Since then he got better.

Web of Spider-Man No. 109 (1994): Guest stars Night Thrasher who is surprisingly credible in his battle with a amped-up Shocker.

Popeye No. 1 (2012): A very traditional Popeye tale that suffers from its singular visual perspective. I would like some occasional closeups

Harley and Ivy: Love on the Lam (2001): A cute story of the two Batman baddies teaming up. Joe Chiodo comes up with some beautiful panels.

Elvira’s House of Mystery No. 11 (1987): I liked the spooky stories and I liked the framing sequence with all of DC’s Horror hosts. Good-un!

Snarked No. 5 (2012): Roger Langridge keeps building a great comic. In this one, the Walrus and the Carpenter take on a hungry crocodile.

Archie’s Pal Jughead No. 208 (2011): Dull story further marred by erratic borders and crowded layouts. I liked the intro of Cassie though!

Strike No. 6 (1987): Final issue and aliens claim the power belt. Best part was the Daniel Clowes art on the Golden Age “Rattler” story.


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