Twitter reviews: Zatanna, Strike!, RoboCop, Little Monsters, Avengers, Archie and Mud Man

I review comics on Twitter at Here are the May 2012  reviews!

Savage Sword of Conan No. 90 (1983): If they make another movie – and
they should — the guy in this should be the villain. Great story!

Avengers Roll Call No. 1 (2012): Gets you up to speed on the comic
version of the Avengers, with lots of obscure character profiles!

RoboCop Road Trip No. 1 (2012): Robo is forced out of Detroit, and some cyber dogs are chasing him while he has delusions.

Crypt of Shadows No. 4 (1973):
Grade Z horror comic from Marvel with “surprise” endings that don’t make a lick of sense.

The Little Monsters Nos. 21-22 (1973): The best thing about these are
the cute covers of the toddler-sized monsters. Otherwise forgettable.

Strike! No. 3 (1987): Early Chuck Dixon work shows his flare for action through Eclipse comics. And I do like Strike himself.

Strike! No. 4 (1987): More battles to control the battlebelt. The
“ghetto talk” is unfortunate at times, but a decent story nonetheless.

Strike! No. 5 (1987): This goes from a botched ransom situation to an
alien invasion in one issue. Talk about a quick moving plot!

Zatanna No. 7 (2011): Cool done-in-one story about magical artifacts gaining life. A shame this series was wiped out by the .

Zatanna No. 8 (2011): The superhero magician explores her fear of
puppets, which leads to a great cliffhanger. Paul Dini wrote it of

Zatanna No. 9 (2011): The superhero magician tackles her fear of puppets
in a Paul Dini story that ends with a great cliffhanger!

Zatanna No. 12 (2011): Another cool issue. This time Zee tackles a villain who can reverse time, which spells trouble for her!

Zatanna No. 13 (2011): Paul Dini crafts some interesting interactions
between Zee and the Spectre, as well as the villain and his victims.

Zatanna No. 14 (2011):
Another fun issue, but from another writer. Maybe everyone has one good Zatanna story in them!

The New 52 (2012): DC’s effort to entice us into the next event. I liked seeing the oddball characters, but it wasn’t very intriguing.

Archie and Me No. 58 (1973): When Archie gets to run the school,
everyone is in trouble, but it’s really no better than Weatherbee’s

Archie & Me No. 59 (1973): As a kid, I wouldn’t touch an Archie
comic as long as I could buy a Superman, but the stories are pretty

Spider-Woman No. 38 (1981): Guest starring the least interesting X-Men
available! Neat to see Leialoha do part of the team at least.

Green Lantern Sampler 2012: This offering was way too convoluted for new readers. Bad form, DC. Also has a Young Justice story.

Mud Man No. 1 (2012): An English superhero who gets all mucky and muddy
to obvious benefit and definite detriments. Not enough story though.


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