Introducing the Parade of Heroes

I’ve long toyed with the idea of writing a
modern pulp story. In fact, it’s actually something a lot of people are doing.

Over at places like Airship 27, Pro Se and Moonstone
, there’s dozens of new pulp magazine stories being created. In fact, the genre is called
New Pulp and the fan base is growing bigger by the day.

Writers, fans and artists alike are drawn to the stories because of their slam-bang action,
intensely moral themes and their clear path of what’s right and wrong. For the same reason, I enjoy
them too.

A few posts ago, I reviewed an early entry into the New Pulp genre with “The Adventures of the Scarlet Shroud.” Right now, I’m reading through
“Domino Lady: Sex as a Weapon,” and you can count on a review of that as well.

Maybe one day, my own creations will get reviewed too. Yep, I am indeed working on a pulp story. Let
me tell you about it …


A few years ago, I was toying around with an
idea for a website. My plan back then was to create a site that featured kid-friendly biographies of
real-life heroes. These biographies would by “hosted” by a gang of fictional heroes of my creation.

The intent was to give kids a snapshot of these great people and then lead them through a series of
links where they could buy up items pertaining to their heroes.

It would have taken a load of work to get something like that off the ground, so I just held on to
the URL for awhile as I tried to figure things out.

Along the way, I actually got contacted by an interested party who wanted to buy my website name
from me. A representative of some sort for the Intrepid Museum in New York. I told the guy I had
plans for the site, but I’d  happily loan it to him for a short time.
That never panned out, so the site sat for a while longer.

Last November is when I really got wind of the New Pulp movement and decided that it was time for me
to get working on a story.

I immediately decided that the story would be posted on that sought after website. After a few fits
and starts, I come to today: The announcement of


Parade of Heroes is going to be my primary site
for my works of fiction, particularly those in the New Pulp genre.

The point here is to try to offer up a few different samples of my writing and see if they gather
any interest. If they work out, I keep writing. If no one pays much attention, I might keep


I am not one for grandiose descriptions. I
don’t describe the wallpaper in the room or the type of fabric starch in a guy’s shirt. For me, it’s
all about dialogue, sparse description and pleasantly short chapters. If that’s what you like, then
give me a try.

That being said, I need some feedback.

Maybe I’m too sparse. Maybe I’m too corny. Please, send me your thoughts here.


The first publication on is chapter one in a “Mercury Men”
story. The Mercury Men are a group of pulp heroes who’ve created a sort of “Justice League” of all
the good guys in the world.

They unite together to battle world-wide threats, or at the very least to make sure the right man is
fighting the right battle.

In the first chapter of “Mystery of the Blood Devils,” our heroes, Monk, Mackerel and a kid from
Pennsylvania are under assault by a giant robot. What does the robot want? What’s so special about
these heroes? Can John write fiction? All those questions are answered here!


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