Thank the Maker: We have C-3P0

One of the fun things about being able to draw, just as I suppose it’s nice to be able to fix a car, is that you can do special requests from time to time and help people out.

 I have people ask me every once in a while to draw them something, and for the longest time I wasn’t always willing to do so. Lately I’ve softened up on that stance, and none can make me melt like a request from my own kid.

Not to long ago, the kid had a stuffed animal C-3P0 from the Star Wars franchise. The kid said, “Dad, let’s draw!” and so I did, suggesting that we each draw a C-3P0. The kid’s droid art has been lost to antiquity. But I surprised the kid a day later with a coloring page that has since been colored in a dozen variations.

We’ve seen the regular gold 3P0. A ebony-black one. Green. Red. Yellow and so on.

Now, I offer this barely touched up one for you! Enjoy!

Just click the image for a full-size version to print out — Or go here!

While I’m at it let’s take a moment to remember just how awesome 3P0 is. A comic genius. A legendary interpreter. A good friend. A reliable companion.

C-3P0 helped make the “Star Wars” franchise what it is, even if he was just there for some easy exposition.

Thank you, C-3P0! And thank your maker.


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