Too many puppies, too many kittens, not enough pulp

Pulp sample 1Some people need a daily dose of cute. They want to say “awwww” every morning even before sucking down a caffeine-laden drink. To them, a daily visit with a big-eyed puppy or a frollicking kitten is just what they need.

But not me. I’ve seen a lifetime of cute puppies and kittens. Yeah, they were cute when I saw them back then. But now I want something a little more mature and incredibly outrageous.

That all means that one of my “Web site of the day” fixes is “Pulp of the Day,” where readers get a salacious pulp magazine cover each day.
Pulps were fiction magazines popular from the 1920s through the 1950s that often featured sleazy, gory and totally politically incorrect painted covers. You know — like tied-up women about to get mauled by a leopard.

Or outlaws about to jab a red-hot branding irons into faces of cowgirls.
Inside were stories that were just as sleazy, gory and always eager to touch a nerve.

Do pulp magazines ever feature puppies? Maybe.

But honestly, the best chance of seeing a pulp magazine with puppies on it is if some dastardly villain is trying to drown them. Was there ever a pulp-magazine cover that featured someone drowning a puppy?
Pulp sample 2

There were tens of thousands of pulps published during their heyday, so chances are there is, and someday it will show up on Pulp of the Day.

For more on the great pulp magazines of the past, go here!


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