Iron Fist: His Kung Fu is strong

Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 1: The Last Iron Fist Story
Iron Fist is a little superhero in a big superhero’s world.

When the Hulk is rampaging against an army and the Fantastic Four is dimension hopping, Iron Fist is just punching people.

But it’s not the scope of the battle that makes “The Immortal Iron Fist 1: The Last Iron Fist Story,” it’s the drama.

Collecting the first six issues of the “Immortal Iron Fist” monthly comic, the story trails Danny Rand as he uncovers his true Kung Fu potential.

Originally created  in 1974’s Marvel Premiere No. 15, Iron Fist was one of many attempts by Marvel Comics to cash in on the martial arts craze that was kicked off by Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon.”

Seemingly like all Kung Fu characters, Danny Rand was schooled in an ancient, powerful brand of martial arts. His “brand” proved so powerful that he was actually branded by it — in the form a dragon tattoo on his chest.

But Iron Fist isn’t just a guy in green tights with a tattoo, he’s also able to focus all his power into his hands, making them energized and invulnerable. With that ability, he fights for his place in the world.

Now notice that description didn’t say “he fights crime.” Nope. “Immortal Iron Fist” isn’t very concerned about righting wrongs.

Instead, this volume is about Danny Rand’s journey of self-discovery — namely about the legacy of the 60-plus individuals who were Iron Fists of the past and how he can hone his skill to an even higher degree.

While in Lifetime Network movies voyages of self discovery can be a bit on the dull side, the martial arts version of self discovery involves knuckle sandwiches, broken teeth and plenty of gunfire. That’s my kind of self discovery, and that’s just what “Immortal Iron Fist” offers.

In the story, Danny Rand learns that the previous Iron Fist is still alive and kicking (literally), the older Iron Fist unveils ancient secrets to funnel his powers in new ways.

These secrets are revealed just in time for the two Iron Fists join up to battle another Kung Fu master intent on stealing their power. Along the way, they come to blows with a terrorist group trying to steal Danny’s company (did we not mention he’s a multi-billionaire?), a gang of look-a-like assassins who can transform into cranes and an ancient goddess who has a mad-on for mystic Tibetan cities.

Yeah, it sounds strange here, but in a comic-book world, it’s all perfectly normal, and in the end it’s all about the Kung Fu. Written by Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction and with art by David Aja and others, it’s a story that’s sure to satisfy any action fan.


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