Twitter reviews: Green Lantern, Little Lulu, Machine Man, Power Man, Iron Fist, Flying Graysons, Heroes for Hire, Big Book of Thugs

I review comics on Twitter at Here are the July 2011 reviews! … And yes, I plan on posting all of them since I joined Twitter.

Machine Man – The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection No. 110: Another
thorough Eaglemoss production. Makes me want MM back in a series.

Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt No. 1 (2011): It was nice to catch up with the
Initiative crowd, but I want 100% more Stunt-Master, dammit!

Power Man & Iron FIst No. 1 (2011): I was excited about a new P.M.
until I read this. Now I really-really want Luke to take back the name.

Untold Tales of Spider-Man No. 24 (1997): Not exactly the magic of the
earliest parts of this series, but good enough since Batwing returns.

Deadman and the Flying Graysons No.1 (2011): If they made this into an
ongoing I would be in heaven. Somehow they make the circus cool.

Reed Gunther No. 1 (2011): An all-ages bear-riding cowboy comic that has
some nice zing — and that’s not just the ammo flying around.

Little Lulu: Volume 18 – The Expert: Believe it … this is funny. I
felt like a weirdo reading it at work, but it made me laugh … A LOT.

Heroes for Hire No. 6 (2011): I’m continuing to enjoy, but it spends an
awful lot of time back-pedaling on why it’s called “Heroes for Hire”

Big Book of Thugs (1996): These “Big Books” by Paradox Press are the
kind of comic books that fans should give to their non-fan friends. A+

FILM REVIEW BONUS — Green Lantern (2011)

When no one’s looking in the theater, I also try to do reviews via Twitter in real time. Here’s what happened at “Green Lantern” on June 30.

  • Watching “Green Lantern” in a near-empty theater. Reynolds is perfect for this role. Visually, this is wonderful.
  • Funny that Hal gives his nephew an invisible jet.
  • Funny how most alien races are afflicted by male-pattern baldness.
  • The first thing I would do with my GL powers? Make the ring look less tacky.
  • No cheerleaders at GL pep rallies? Booo!
  • I always thought that Carol should be much older than Hal. So this casting is doesn’t work to well for me.
  • Awww, Hector has a hamster! A super villian with a heart.
  • Its uncomfortable to watch GL beat up the DC Universe version of the Elephant Man. Just seems wrong, y’know?
  • Wait … how did they go from a fight to their apartments. Weird filmmaking transition. A few other confusing things too

  • Like why was Parallax even bothering to attack Hal. Did I miss something?
  • And how does throwing the concept of fear into the sun kill it? Seems a little too easy. Guess that’s what a sequel does
  • Overall it was good, but not great. Kids would really dig it. Sadly, it needed to be a little more down to earth.


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