Little green men, trolls and the D6 System

A few years ago, I began work on a role-playing game based on the D6 system that I call MageForce.

The basic idea of the game was to create a game with a Ghostbusters type of feel that mixed myths and monsters with the modern world. Rather than being strange and unexpected, the monsters who pop up in the world of MageForce are considered nuisances, and that’s where the local MageForce comes in — they jump in and get rid of the nuisance at a moments notice.


The plan was to create the game under West End Games’ D6 System. It wouldn’t be a straight version of the D6 System, but modified and modernized, even beyond the clunky D6 Adventure, D6 Space and D6 Fantasy games put out as the death rattle of West End Games.

It would have worked out fine, I think, but the odds are always stacked against any D6 releases. There’s lots of bad blood in the RPG community with West End Games, sure, but there’s also some logistical issues with Dice Pool games.

Then one day, I stumbled on the Prince Valiant Role-Playing Game, a quick-and-easy system that immediately impressed me. Running that system through my brain and adding my own touches, I’ve come up with a system that should be fun and easy to play.

Right now, I’m just about done with the first draft of the rules for this new system and the excitement of that got me eager to start creating some of the art for the game. That’s why you’re looking at some weirdo character drawings in this very post.


The MageForce game offers a mix of sci-fi too, so one of the playable character races is the “Little Green Men,” so common in early Sci-Fi. This frog-like character, image at top, race has antennae, slimy green skin and is barely taller than a fifth-grader. These creatures are excellent pilots and repair men. They also love to blow up things.

The next image, shown at right, is a troll. He is definitely not a orc. I am totally against orcs in role-playing games that aren’t Dungeons & Dragons or something based on “Lord of the Rings.” Any other game (tabletop RPG or video game) should use something else, and I prefer trolls or goblins. Since I already had a short mischievous race, I went with a fantasy-based troll. In MageForce, the troll playable race is tall, burly and covered in warts and bumps. They’re big-time brawlers that scare the crap out of every other race.

There are plenty of other races to work on, and not just the typical elves and dwarves. You’ll just have to wait to read about them later.


MageForce still has a long way to go. Once I get the basic rule system down, then I need to apply some flavor text to it — to give readers and players some context on what to do.

Along the way, I also have to get some playtesting done. That’s the most important step, and it can make or break MageForce.

Keep checking back for updates on my progress on all this.


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