Twitter Reviews: The Defenders, Jungle Journal, Lucky Luke, Conan, Betsy & Me, Dejah Thoris, Tundra

I review comics on Twitter at Here are the January 2012 reviews!

The Legend of the Shield No. 2 (1991): Relevant exploration of Gulf
War-era POWs. If another Shield comic is due, they should set it in 91.

The Butcher No. 4 (1990):
It’s funny how a writer in the letter column
says he’s a character for the 1990s. Who’s the Butcher again?

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons No. 1 (1988): DC’s D&D comic seems
like the creators never played the game or even had a copy of the rules.

The Jungle Journal (2009): Monkeys mowing lawns, elephants playing
soccer, butterflies with an attitude. If that seems fun, you’ll like

Villains and Vigilantes No. 1 (1986): A comic/RPG tie-in that has a
decent but oddly generic personality to it and serviceable art.

Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris No. 8-9 (2011): Great good-girl art and a decent story pulls you along. A fun comic.

Tundra: The Next Degeneration (2011):
Chad Carpenter works wonders with
his talking animals and snowmen. A comic strip for everyone.

The Defenders No. 1 (2012): The core team plus a few newbies made for an
interesting group. Plus you can’t go wrong with Fraction & Dodson.

Savage Sword of Conan No. 67 (1981): The second feature here is actually
better than Conan’s. It had art by Baron Yoshimoto of Japan. Neat!

Betsy & Me (2007): A look at Jack Cole’s final work before his suicide is benign, but the opening essay is very intriguing.

Lucky Luke No. 11 — Western Circus (1970):
Cowboy adopts a circus,
bounty is posted on an elephant, indians adopt clowny warpaint. Cool.


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