Twitter Reviews: Captain America, Smurfs, Spy Vs. Spy, Treasure Island, Marvel Team-Up

I review comics on Twitter at Here are the December 2011 reviews!

Cloak & Dagger — Spider Island No. 3 (2011): A nice ending to set
up an immediate need for an ongoing, and I’d be happy to have one!

Sonic the Hedgehog: Hide & Seek & Destroy (): Sonic’s old foe is looking for some glory, but not just yet. Strong pencils from Yardley!

Smurfs Halloween 2 (2011): Just so you know, Gargamel looks pretty badass with a skull mask on.

Laugh Comics Halloween (2011): Typical Archie fare here. You can’t get any more benign and banal than this.

Marvel Team-Up No. 77 (1978): Funny, the outside says it stars Ms. Marvel, but it’s Dr. Strange all the way. Gah! Dr. Strange is boring!

Tall Tales by Al Jaffee (2008):
A compilation of the Mad cartoonists best gags from a syndicated vertical strip. This is some great stuff.

Spy vs. Spy 2: The Joke and Dagger Files (2007):
Massive dose of spies. Good and all, but also proves how limited the joke of the strip is.

Treasure Island — The Graphic Novel (2005): Tim Hamilton’s adaptation is wonderfully faithful. It would have been even better in color.

Lords of Death and Life (2008): Xeric Award win GN by Jonathon Dalton about ancient Mexican life should appeal to superhero fans.

Wonder Girl No. 1 (2007): A solo mini has our hero cleaning up after Amazons Attack. A few guest stars including a certain Lion of Olympus.

Captain America No. 26 (2007):
Mourning issue shortly after the death of Captain America. It now feels rather hollow since he’s alive again.


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