Twitter Reviews: Incredible Hercules, Kirby Genesis, Dejah Thoris, Lady Mechanika, Cloak & Dagger, Deadman and the Flying Graysons

I review comics on Twitter at Here are the August 2011 reviews! … And yes, I plan on posting all of them since I joined Twitter.

Kirby: Genesis No. 0 & 1: An exciting debut for a new comic
universe. Busiek comes up with a clever way to merge a lot of oddball

Kirby Genesis No. 2 (2011): Ever notice that Kirby looks a lot like Jay Baruchel? Great action that makes me want more… now!

The Incredible Hercules No. 113 (2008): A shakey start, but this book
quickly drew me in. Of course, I’ve loved Herc since the Layton days.

The Incredible Hercules No. 117 (2008):
A bit too much of unexplained
backstory, but I loved seeing Snowbird make the anti-Skrull team.

The Incredible Hercules No. 119 (2008): Even in the heat of the Secret Invasion storyline I would have been bored by this comic.

The Incredible Hercules No. 129 (2008):
Herc fights with a Skrull god
and Snowbird makes a joke. The joke made all the rest worth it.

Alpha Flight: Fear Itself No. 2: A villain comes out of left
Saskatchewan in this — but it’s written like readers were supposed to

Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris No. 4 (2011): A gorgeous book even without much good-girl art this ish. Loved the Green Colossus

Sonic Universe No. 31 (2011): My first Sonic comic was actually quite
interesting. Great art, solid story. I guess I will be buying more.

Deadman and the Flying Graysons No. 2 of 3: Remember war-time Europe’s
flight from Nazis? This is the same thing only with cool DC heroes.

Deadman and the Flying Graysons No. 3 (2011):
Would I be spoiling it if I
told you that Deadman dies at the end? It is his name after all.
Heathcliff Dog Days (1988): Proof of why I like this orange cat more
than the other orange cat. A mostly witty collection of 1-panelers.

Cloak & Dagger – Spider Island No. 1: Brilliant take on C&D that
promises to be a fresh start for the beloved Bill Mantlo heroes. Loved

Grim Ghost No. 2 (2011): I tried No. 2 after a mediocre No. 1, and it’s
still pretty mediocre. I just have no interest in this mythology.

Lady Mechanika Collected Edition (2011): Lush artwork and elegant
character design for a steampunk version of “Bionic Women.” Worth

Ghostbusters: Displaced Agression No. 1 (2011): A 100-penny promotion
offers time-displaced Ghostbusters. Ecto-1 souped up for time travel!

Flash Gordon: Invasion of the Red Sword No. 1: The new look Flash comic
offers a decent take on the story. I wish the TV show was this good.

Mystic No. 1 (2011): A CrossGen reboot that takes far too little from
its namesake. Instead it weaves an all too cliched tale about orphans.

Prince of Persia: The Graphic Novel (2008): It seems I need to play the
video game to understand even a bit of this nicely illustrated book.

Marvel Chillers No. 2 (1975): Mordred’s origin pt 2 is nicely drawn but
‘meh’ story. Still I find Mordred more interesting than Dr. Strange.


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