7 Weird Stories (that may or may not be true) to Tell Your Kids

Kids love scary stories of the monsters, ghosts and mysteries, and these modern tales of strange sightings are sure to keep them enthralled!

These 7 stories might be urban myths or they might be real. It all
depends on who you believe. Still, these tales of monsters, ghosts and
mayhem are just right for kids, and they have a modern touch to keep
them wondering if they’re fairy tales or real-life frights. Just follow
the links for a detailed explanation on these spooky happenings.

1. Gef the Talking Mongoose
— In 1931 on the Isle of Mann, a sinister poltergeist who claimed to
be a mongoose, and terrorized a family for years. Some say it was simply
a kid acting up and others think it really was a ghost with a strange
sense of humor.

2. The Mothman
For one year from 1966-67, the town of Point Pleasant, W.Va., was the
center of activity for the creature called Mothman. Described as having
feathery wings and glowing eyes, Mothman seemed to like peeking in
windows and dancing on roofs. The owl-like beast was even blamed for a
disastrous bridge collapse in the area. Was it for real? Residents alive
at the time think so. Others just say it was a case of mass hysteria.

3. The Devil’s Footprints
After a cold, snowy night in 1855 in England, residents of Devon woke
to a puzzling sight. A single set of cloven hoofprints that skipped
along through the area, including on roofs and over tall fences. The
hoofprints weren’t a deer or a horse because they showed only two feet,
not four. Was it a case of trickery or an otherworldly creature?

4. The Oak Island Money Pit
— As early as the 1700s, people have been intrigued by Oak Island, a
140 acre island on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. Rumor has it
that it’s the site of a wondrous buried treasure, and the lure of easy
money has claimed at least six lives over the years. Sites on the island
have been excavated over the years, but through what appeared to be a
series of booby traps the treasure holes kept filling back in. Island
explorers say its an elaborate security system built by greedy pirates,
others just say its all a fantasy and the treasure hunters are falling
victim to natural sinkholes.

5. Terror Birds of Texas
— In the 1970s, a police officer in Texas reported seeing something
strange flying creature. It was too small for a condor, and had the
natural movement of an animal, so it wasnt a plane. More sightings were
reported throughout 1976, including one person who claimed to see a
large, black, alien-looking bird had landed in his yard. Speculation
suggested the birds were pteradactyls or the real-life incarnation of
the native American legend of the Thunderbird. Some others feared that
people were mistaking regular birds, plus-sized model airplanes or
hangliders for flying monsters. Still, sightings continue through this
day around the world.

6. Spring-Heeled Jack
— For several years in the 1830s, the London area was terrorized by
what may be the world’s first supervillian. He was dubbed “Spring Heeled
Jack” and was known to attack the women of the city. Described as
having an amazing ability to leap over walls, knives on his fingertips, a
mouth that spat blue flames, pointed ears and glowing eyes, he very
much had all the air of a comic-book badguy. But was he for real, or
just a story to sell magazines and newspapers?

7. Momo the Stinky Sasquatch
— At first, the residents of Louisiana, Missouri, only heard strange
sounds from the forest, but then they saw — and smelled — the source
of those sounds. Dubbed Momo, the creature was described as having an
awful stench, hairy from head to toe and had a particular love of eating
dog meat. Was it just a wayward hippie? Or a dog catcher who went over
the line? Or was it bigfoot’s cousin from down south?

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