Enter the (free) world of Krazybov

Krazybov is a digest-sized zine that’s distributed for free in print and online.
With a pricing structure like that, it’s hard to pass up! I had a copy of the zine mailed to me from the U.K., and I rather shamefully let it sit around for months before completely reading it.
While the art and stories aren’t top-level comic making, you certainly get a decent collection of stories for the price.
I have issue No. 4. Here’s what you find inside:

  • The cover: A great piece of art of a geisha warrior atop a ancient Japanese building. Created by Stella of StarPlexus.com
  • Grey Days: Here a traditional art style offers a sci-fi take on miscommunication between two warring factions. Quite a good little piece, but I wish it were just a few pages longer. From Nik of PlanetNik.com
  • Bego: In this quick tale, the hero goes out of his way to avoid a sticky situation, only to have come back oat him. By Ononwae of Ononwae.deviantart.com
  • Zero Man: When a new vigilante appears all eyes are on him thanks to a convenient video feed. This one has lots of action, and the artist has an eye for storytelling. Learn more about the artist at joiesimmons.blogspot.com.
  • Rooftop Battle: This features the most professional artwork of the book, but I was a bit puzzled by the story. Basically, it’s a big brawl on a city rooftop, and it ends with a hospital visit. Check out more at asplashpage.blogspot.com
  • Pictures Don’t Lie: Is a slice of life story about breakups with a good hook at the end. From DaveWindett.com
  • Soda Ninja: This has happened to you. A simple tale of beverages gone wrong.
  • The Suicider: A mature and somewhat disturbing tale of the terrible things people do to one another. The Suicider does not let them go unpunished though. Excellent art, but the story needed just a little work on achieving full clarity. Learn more about the artist at kewber.deviantart.com
  • The back cover: An interesting painting of “The Demon,” which looks as if he’s a beast made of shadows and waterstains.

You can learn more about KrazyBov and this particular issue at krazybov.com/004


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