Poodles vs. Penguins 3

Last time, the poodles struck a terrible blow to the penguin cause. The penguins just don’t have the mechanized weaponry the poodles have (or at least not yet), so they have to resort to more subtle means of defending themselves.
Some additional notes on the war:

  • The first battle took place in Luxembourg. Why? Cuz nothing ever seems to happen in Luxembourg, so they figured that it would be a good place to start an international avian-canine conflict.
  • Poodles were originally bred to kill rats. The penguins think that’s pretty darn funny.
  • Prehistoric penguins were six-feet tall. What happened between then and now that we have a hard time telling the difference between puffins and penguins?
  • The second battle of the Poodle-Penguin War took place in Delaware. Why? Cuz nothing ever seems to happen in Delaware either.

Those penguins are
 pretty sick bastards
 aren’t they?


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