Drawn to the future

Hopefully by now you’ve taken a look at my Daily Doodle, which is updated (almost) daily, and then incorporated into a slideshow for your enjoyment.
A lot of my daily doodles are gag cartoons or anthropomorphic animals, but sometimes I get going on a theme that turns out to be a lot of fun.
One of those themes really got my imagination working overtime. Basically, I was inspired by the Buck Rogers XXVC role-playing game to create a cast of characters that dominate the political landscape of a future Earth and its solar system. One by one, I created kings, presidents, union bosses and more to fill out this realm of intrigue, action, rockets and laser guns.
The Buck Rogers game sparked my interest in the character. Why? Because it was so excellently written that I have slowly amassed nearly the entire publication line. I strongly suggest you root around Internet vendors and grab a copy of the boxed set. Even if you don’t play these crazy games, you’ll find an interesting backdrop that’s teeming with possibilities.
And now, without further pomp and circumstance, I offer you leaders of Solar Council, heroes of the day, scoundrels to be remembered and a brief rundown of their politics, personalities and agenda.

Capt. Dirk Bravo, Alliance of the Americas. A troubleshooter at large and champion for the weak and oppressed. He’s a great pilot, hand-to-hand combat, strategist and certified combat medic. His fame is often a hinderance. King Ovarb of Mercury. A despot who controls the planet Mercury, its solar collection fleet and mining operations. Largely considered the most fiendish man in the solar system. Known to be a lavish spender. General Michael Zandlo, formerly of Alliance of the Americas. A former Earth army general known for his dedication to protecting the planet and its people. Now owns runs his own private army, “The Zees,” which often finds itself in hairy situations. Tomas Trunt, Greater Earth Council. A businessman of shifting morals depending on his financial interests at the time. He’s also the 10-term leader of the Greater Earth Council, which represents Europe, Asia and Africa.
Ngung, The Lunar Abbot. A mysterious man who unofficially rules the moon of Earth through the religious order of which he unofficially is the leader. The Lunarians live under the surface of the moon, and are believed to be terraforming the inner crust. The Abbot and his people are skilled martial artists and have near-superhuman abilities. Princess Kira of Venus. A good-natured ruler of Venus, a veritable Garden of Eden that supplies much of the solar system’s food supply. The planet also has the most desirable “real estate” in the solar system. Rumor has it that Kira and her family have psychic powers. She’s also considered the solar-system’s most beautiful person. Gladiatrix Deena. Warlord ruler of Mars and its moons. A proud woman with very set and well-known plans to conquer the entire solar system, by war or negotiation as she sees fit. Regardless of her plots, few dare to oppose her and her forces. She’s an unparalleled combatant, pilot and manipulator. She is cybernetically enhanced. Roderick Ceasar of Jupiter. Leader for life of Jupiter, which supplies the solar system with the fuel called MicroJump, which powers most of the subwarp engines used in space travel. Roderick is a shrewd ruler who often works to pit his allies against one another. He guards the MicroJump wells with a powerful army of vat-grown troopers.
Chancellor N’Ga Cor, The Chronos Collective. Considered meek, the current leader of Saturn, largely follows the example set by Roderick Caesar of Jupiter. Saturn’s people reside on low-grav city platforms that work on chemical conversions for MicroJump processing. Still, Cor isn’t afraid to stab his allies in the back if he can get away without anyone knowing. Often uses android duplicates. General Ernesto Fortula, Prime of Uranus. While most of the solar system shies away from genetic experimentation, Fortula’s government actively promotes such efforts. The result is a wild planet of man-made “islands,” terraformed for human life with artificial hot zones. Fortula provides security for his favored subjects and lets the rest fend for himself while he rakes in the profits. Dr. Hiro Shintaro, Professor Alpha of the Neptunian Science Council. Though Neptune’s population is relatively small, it has big dreams. Considered the smartest man in the solar system Dr. Hiro is leading his people in an effort to build an extrasolar vessel that can permit them to be the first humans on Alpha Centauri. Dr. Hiro is always the first on the scene of new scientific curiosities. Swanmay Curtiss, Citizen One of the Plutian Confederacy. A brash, clever and fiesty woman, Curtiss was elected to her post for her outstanding service to her home world. She helped lead the counter attack versus a Martian invasion force, and managed to best their Gladiatrix in combat (Curtiss cheated). Now she guides her planet’s people by the seat of her pants, and most of them love her for it.
Admiral Paut “Plughead” Baurople-Punitaput, Solar Peoples Association. Paut leads a group of non-terrestrials that call no planet, satellite or moon their home. Instead they live permanently in multiple thousand-ship convoys that travel the solar system as traders. Plughead serves as their spokesman and representative in solar affairs. A former pirate, he’s known for his easy-going attitude. Boss Nicolai Tjvorelik, Belt Union. In the mish-mash of settlements scattered through the asteroid belt, Boss Nicolai works to bring his diverse population better living standards and better pay. His people are largely miners, chemists, geologists and their families.Given the remoteness of the settlements, they often face off against pirates and outlaws. Boss Nicolai leads the squads that fight them. Timothy Dennis, Association of Free Satellites. Most of the solar systems worlds have small natural and artificial moons, and the ASF is an organization that fights to free them from domination by their “mother world.” Dennis leads the revolutionaries in their efforts, jumping from hotspot to hotspot. Though he has a fraile body, he’s a shrewd tactician, clever fighter and born leader. When Dennis talks, people listen. Sherry Shinscore, The Score Corps. Shinscore is the multi-talented leader of a rag-tag group of adventurers known as The Score Corps. Not necessarily mercenaries, and not necessarily revolutionaries, this group was inspired by Dirk Bravo and often works with him. Sherry and Dirk appear to be an item, though neither will admit it, preferring to one-up the other whenever humanly possible. Her skills match Dirk’s.

So now that I’ve got all these neat characters, what should I do next? A comic? A game? A cartoon show script? Action figures? I can think of a million things.


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