Funny commercials — But where do you watch them?

Let’s be realistic about it: Funny commercials are a dime a dozen.
To catch someone’s eye nowadays, commercials pretty much have to be funny.
So it’s no surprise that every once in a while, some TV channel decides to string a bunch of them together, give it a label like “Crazy Commercials from Across the Continents” and throw it in as a filler in the time slot.
And sure, they are funny, but will people sit through an hour of advertising?
TBS is certainly has done its best to do so with their occasional “World’s Funniest Commercials” specials which premiered in the summer of 2007.
As you can expect, these specials offer a whirlwind of advertisements that have surprise endings, put people in embarrassing situations and offer new takes on old products.

The specials on their are own are pretty much old hat. The first one even had a pair of annoying hosts — Kevin Nealon and some lady I’ve never heard of — who travel to Paris to introduce segments.
Paris? Really? What does that have to do with funny commercials? Beats me.
No matter, because those shows have succeeded in one thing. They pointed me to TBS’s website,, which houses all the commercials featured on the shows, plus a bunch of others.
You read it right: You can see all the funny commercials, minus the hosts and minus all the real commercials.
What’s the point of even putting it on TV then? Beats me, but it’s obvious that TV executives have a dizzying intellect.


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