Wanna join Cobra? Talk to Foxhunt!

While I’m not exactly a pro-level artist or anything, I love to draw. I try to draw — or at least doodle — every day. In fact, if you look to the left of this post here at Comics On the Brain, you’ll see a new feature, “My Daily Doodle.” It’s kind of an extension of my Church Sketches feature, but a little more focused in that the drawings all have to be the same size.
After doing this for a few days, I came up with the cartoon woman you see at the left. As with most drawings, I don’t really know what I’m drawing it until I finished. A while after finishing this girl, I realized that she looks like she’s wearing a fox-hunter’s jacket.

From Pinup to G.I. Joe Villain

And since she’s holding a gun, I thought “Wow, imagine a fox-hunting themed G.I. Joe villain.”  And yes, I really did think that, because I’m pretty crazy about G.I. Joe.
That led to a quick hunt around the Internet for images of female fox hunters. Skipping by the numerous strip clubs named Fox Hunt, I found a couple of neat images, but then I found the perfect image — a vintage pin-up girl in a fox hunter coat.

Meet Foxhunt, Cobra Recruiter

I took it and did a little crude PhotoShop work, adding Cobra symbols, changing her hair color and giving her a top hat instead of a derby.
With all that work complete, I had an image that looked like this …
foxhunt cobra recruiter

Then I zipped over to the fabulous Joe Customs site, which offers a File Card creator.  (Though I wish the text wasn’t so hard to read.)
I quickly penned a story for this fantastic new Cobra villainess, and now I can release her on the world. I can only hope that Hasbro is on the hunt for new characters, especially ones that are as off the wall as Foxhunt!

FOXHUNT, Cobra recruiter & Funding Acquisitions

I think she’s got potential. After all, how does Cobra get all those mooks to work for them?

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And to keep you from having too much eyestrain, here’s what the card says:

Recruitment and Funding Acquisitions
File Name: Priscilla Fangshire
Primary Military Specialty: Communications
Secondary Military Specialty: Drill Instructor
Birthplace: Somewhere in Wales, England.
Foxhunt is a playful, fun-loving millionaire heiress who found she was lacking any challenge. Bored to no end, she decided that her life needed some adventure and decided to let COBRA provide it for her. Starting out as a basic Tele-Viper, she quickly rose through the ranks with her unique brand of back-stabbing and charm. COBRA COMMANDER soon got wind of her unique talents and demanding a meeting. Shortly after, she was elevated to senior officer level and given the task to secure funding and recruits for COBRA. Her leadership qualities aside, Foxhunt is also skilled in sharpshooting, archaic weapons and animal training. She gleefully rides a cybernetically enhanced stallion into battle.
FROM GENERAL HAWK’S FILE: “When we capture Cobra soldiers, they’ll tell you just how convincing Foxhunt is … they just yammer on-and-on with stars in their eyes.”


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