Thinking about Quantum Leap

I was a big fan of “Quantum Leap” when it was on the air, but haven’t seen all the episodes. Anyway, I always thought it would have been neat if there was a show where he leaped multiple times. For example, at each leap he did something that built upon itself incrementally. By the time the episode was over, he (through multiple leaps) accomplished something truly significant.
Along the same line, I think it would have been neat I would have liked to see some episodes where there were “mini missions.” Where he leaped into someone for 10 minutes, remembered to turn off the iron before the family went on vacation and then vaulted into Lee Harvey Oswald. Silly, I know, but it would have been interesting.
My favorite episode was set in the 1980s where he was a single mom who had to save “his” children from being kidnapped. Lots a neat references to my childhood in that one, plus it was really dramatic.
And on the flip side, has Sam ever leaped into someone and been stuck there for weeks or months before he fixed things? Almost like he stalled out on a leap and all the guidance in the world from Al wasn’t able to trigger his next jaunt through the timestream.


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