Relocating the Marvel Universe — Part 31 — Delaware

It’s that state that stumps Wayne Campbell . It’s …


NEWARK (Blizzard)

After stints with groups from the Masters of Evil to the Thunderbolt s, Donnie Gill returns to his hometown, Newark, Del., where he hopes to solidify his reputation that The Blizzard is a hero. Though not exactly the hero type, Gill pushes himself to be one. This failing does him in from time-to-time when he purposefully waits for backup from other heroes when trouble beyond his abilities arises. This has lead to mixed reviews in the Newark press, but he’s recently hired a Public Relations firm to help him boost his local image,  particularly among the college students at the University of Delaware. His connections at the chemical engineering and biochemical departments have helped him expand the powers contained in his supersuit.
Notes: The Blizzard is a barely reformed villian. He has awful tendencies that he desperately tries to bury. Still, he’s been accused of running from fights, scavenging crime scenes for loot and fighting dirty.


Though he never enlisted in the Air Force, Abner Jenkins has found a certain kinship with the flyboys at Dover Air Force Base as Mach V (seen at bottom in his Mach I armor). Sure, he started his public career as the Beetle, but after a remarkably redeeming career as Mach V in the Thunderbolts, he soon found he was actually a bit of a hero to many Air Force pilots. Playing off this notoriety, Jenkins continually offered his skills to the force. Sometimes he would send modification ideas to them. Other times he’d specifically seek out and offer physical assistance to personnel in trouble around the world. It had a cumulative effect of the Air Force’s top brass taking notice, and soon were offering him special escort missions and consulting with him on new technology. Eventually, Mach IV moved from the Thunderbolts home base to Dover, Del., where he began to keep watch over the base and the city it was named after.
His work with the Air Force leads him to have continual contact with Kismet , whom he’s developed quite a crush on.
Notes: With a name like Mach I, Mach II, Mach III, Mach IV and Mach V, how can you not associate him with the Air Force?

FENWICK ISLAND (Gomi, Don 2 and Bill)

Being a buddy to a bunch of mutanst is hard enough. Now imagine being saddled with two cyborg lobsters as well. That’s the life of Gomi , Don 2 and Bill. Gomi, real name Alphonsus Lefszycic, a young man turned part cyborg with a mild telekinetic ability. Along the way, Gomi joined a group called the Fallen Angels and brought along the two crustacean cyborgs his brother helped build. At Fenwick Island, just a stone’s throw from Ocean City, Md., Gomi runs a “weird aquarium” tourist trap, that’s something akin to a Ripley’s Believe it Or Not museum. His duties at the aquarium means he collects oddities from the world’s waterways for public display and private study. His knowledge of nautical lore is beyond even Namor the Sub-Mariner and his viziers, and its not uncommon for Atlanteans, Deviants and any number of odd sea creatures to come to Gomi for help.
This one just kind of rolled off my keyboard. I wanted Gomi on my list, and I wanted him at a beach town. This is where he ended up, and I can see him as a fun supporting character in any number of books.

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Need a good explanation of just what I’m doing? Then visit the first entry, which offers a look behind for my initial idea for this series.


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