CIBT 15 — RoboCop, G.I. Joe, Wolverine Weapon X, Justice League Generation Lost, Freedom Fighters, Cloak & Dagger The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection

Yes, it’s back! The long awaited 15th entry of Comics I Bought Today.
Yeah, yeah, it’s been more time than I care to mention since my last update. Needless to say, I’ve bought plenty of comics between that entry and this one, but I’m not going to try to catch up on that pile.
Instead, let’s see the Comics I Bought Today, which is a snapshot of my week at the comic stores, and why I got what I did.
RoboCop No. 6 (Dynamite Entertainment, $3.50) — I love Robocop, I have oodles of RoboCop merchandise. Just the other day, I was eyeballing some cool Robo T-shirts at While I like the movies and the toys, one thing that has always fallen short are the RoboCop comics. Well, somehow, Dynamite picked the right writer, and this has been gold — for this story arc at least.
G.I. Joe No. 158 (IDW, $3.99) — I’m also a big Joe fan, but I’ve really had trouble with the most recent reboot. News that the Joeverse was going back to its Larry Hama roots intrigued me. I’m actually a big-big fan of the G.I. Joe cartoon, and I know Hama’s G.I. Joe is different, but I also know it’s pretty revered by most fans. I’ll give it a shot for a few issues.
Wolverine Weapon X No. 15  (Marvel, $3.99) — Wolverine is usually an entertaining character for me, but I’m not any sort of fan. I would be completely fine if he were wiped right out of the Marvel Universe. He’s just too much of the “cool guy” for me. Still, I was intrigued to hear that “Scalped” creator Jason Aaron was on the book. It wasn’t enough to make me buy, but I was intrigued. And then I saw he was using Deathlok for this story arc, and I jumped aboard. I love Deathlok. I want all the Deathlok Marvel will give me. (See the awesome hero-filled cover below!)

Justice League Generation Lost No.s 7 and 8 (DC, $2.99 each) — This has been a great story so far. I’m actually behind on reading it by the two issues before these, but I was enjoying it way to much to risk missing out. Featuring the Bwa-Ha-Ha Justice League, it’s weaving a tale that reminds me of the high-quality stories that came out of the earliest JLI issues. A warning: While characterization has great, the art is really hit or miss. My made-a-trip-to-the-shop buy of the week.
Freedom Fighters No. 1 (DC, $2.99) —My impulse buy of the week. I’ve always been intrigued by the Freedom Fighters. They are used intermittently by DC, most memorably as a pleasant collection of cannon fodder before a big crossover. I always thought they were worth exploring, and when I saw that Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray were writing it, I couldn’t say no. They did wonderful work on Power Girl, so I’m trusting they will deliver again with this book.
The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection: Cloak & Dagger (Eaglemoss, $32) — I’ve been picking up these lead figurines over the last year or two. Not only do they look nice on my bookshelf, but they also are packaged with a remarkably well-researched magazine about that particular subject. This month, it was a double-figure set of Cloak & Dagger, the teenage duo created by Bill Mantlo. I love these characters, and I can’t wait to see Eaglemoss’s in-depth look at their history. My ordered-it-in-Previews-when-I-saw-it buy of the week.


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