Make your own trading cards

I can doodle all day. You just give me a little space on an officememo or budget, a pen and I get going. Over the years, I’ve ended upwith quite a collection of doodles on scraps of paper. I have a wholefolder full of them in fact.

These scribbles in such confined spaces have trained me for my latestendeavour though. You see, I’m also a frequent ebay bidder. Oftentimes, I’ll do general searches for “original comic art” or “originalcartoon art.”

Usually, these are searches I do when I’m looking for comic book orcomic strip art that also appeared in print.

But lately, another thing keeps on popping up. Comic book fans knowthem as “sketch cards,” but the general art world calls them ArtistTrading Cards and ACEOs (which stands for the awkward “Art Cards,Editions and Originals”), which you can read more about here.

Anyway, I recently stumbled on some trading-card sized Bristol boardsat the local art supply store.

So over the last week or so, I made some ATCs of my own, one of whichis attached to this post. These are mechanical pen with colored-pencil highlights.

For more, you can see what I have for “Sale” on myEBay page. I put “Sale” in quotes because I don’t charge much forthem, I just want to offer them to the world at large.


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