Churck Sketches X — Peasants and dragons

I’ve still got a massive backlog of sketches, so here’s just a few of them, kinda grouped by a category.
As usual, these are all done in a regular ball-point pen and often on scrap paper while I’m just waiting around or have a few spare moments. When I do them, I often just start with a shape and go from there. Sometimes its the shape of a human head, sometimes its the beak of a bird and so on. From there, I just let it all come out of the pen.
I’m a cartoonist at heart, and that’s what I draw. For that, I’m glad. I’d hate to have a sketchbook full of drab buildings or run-of-the-mill horse drawings. This way I always know something new is coming up even if I repeat a lot of themes.

Starting from the top left:

  • A robot who’s stolen Wall-E’s head.
  • An angry peasant who’s about to punch you out.
  • In all orange we have another rather morose peasant.
  • He’s beside another peasant who’s got on a fine pair of gloves.
  • We have a follow-up to the hairy co-pilot from a few entries ago. This one? He’s the lumpy co-pilot!
  • Then there’s the frumpy crusader.
  • Then some tooneriffic animals in the form of a cat and dog.
  • Then a pretty darn good dragon head.
  • He’s next to an uppity eagle.
  • Then there’s a savage dragon.
  • Wrapping things up is a sort of lizardy dragon-man.

Looking for more in this series? Here you go!


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