Gather your team for the Great Scavenger Hunt

Originally posted on April 7, 2010

Spurred by my love for movies such as “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad World,” “Midnight Madness,” “Scavenger Hunt,” “Million Dollar Mystery” and “Rat Race,” COTB has always wanted to partake in a real-life scavenger hunt.

Some online searching revealed there is a real-life crazy-fun version of these movies, and the 2010 version is coming up soon. Even better, the organizers of the Great Scavenger Hunt don’t ask you to do anything illegal like sawing the heads off of statues or stealing a donkey.The Great Scavenger Hunt

Instead, teams in the Great Scavenger Hunt have 24 hours to take pictures in hundreds (yes, hundreds) of possible categories as they struggle to accumulate points and beat other competitors from across the country.

Google Images won’t help you either because one of the most frequent requirements in your photo collecting is that team members appear in the photo of the hunted item. As further insurance against snatching a web photo, the categories are often pretty far out there. After all, how exactly do you find a Human Banana Split without making one yourself?

That means you get pictures like this, where the entire team has to smell what the rock was cooking. Or how about the whole group in a bubble bath.

Interpretation is often left up to the team, so if you’re wondering what “Stone Cold Steve Autism” would look like, go here. Or how about “2 Squirrels, 1 Cup,” which must be the cousin to the infamous Internet video.

Another section of photos forces teams to ask for help from a stranger.  In these pics, the team must enlist the aid of a passerby to get their picture.

This year’s event is April 17-18, so gather your team, get your camera battery charged up and get a little crazy.

(And if anyone around here does get a team together, be sure to let PQH! know. We’d be happy to be your stranger or the subject of any humility you’d wish to put upon us.)


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